The Glenn Family... {Shreveport Family Photographer}

There's just something about children that captures the lens.  It's almost like they speak another language to the camera and I've loved capturing these little glimpses into the lives of children over the last week.  It's become a true joy of mine.
Our cousins were in town this last weekend, and we were able to take a few shots before lunch on Saturday after my mommy and me sessions. 

I love these little girls.  I can't wait for Miss Annie Beth to grow up with these sweet sisters...

Amy and I went to middle school together, isn't that funny?  We didn't get to know each other until I married Stephen, but I've loved having her as family now.  I love how the Lord crosses paths for you and brings people into your life.  What a joy this sweet family brings us.

Nick and Stephen are like brothers.  When we found out we were pregnant, they were so excited for us, and they've been such a resource for us in planning for little AB.  I can't wait for little Georgia to meet AB.  They're going to be like siblings... just like Nick and Stephen were.

Amy is also learning photography, so we had fun swapping tips and learning how to use new lenses together.  She has the best subjects to take pictures of every day.  Such little models!

Nick's mom said that it takes a special man to be a "girls" dad, and that both Nick and Stephen have that trait.  I'm so thankful they were both raised in such loving, sweet homes that allowed them to be the strong men they are, and yet be the sweet daddies to their girls. 

We loved spending time with you!  Come back to Shreveport soon!