The eyes have it...

This is the last post I have from the Mommy and Me sessions I did.  Promise.  But I couldn't move on and blog about other things, when I had these precious eyes staring back at me.
Can you believe the blue beauties on this blondie?

The best part? There are two of them.  Precious twins with double the fun, and double the energy.

If I would have known how much they loved pine cones, I would have just brought them a sack to play in. 

Their mom is a dear friend and such an inspiration to me.  She runs hard after these two!  Their attention span matches their age... I can't imagine how many calories she burns a day just chasing them... often in different directions.

And then I finished out the day with another set of brothers, but much different in age. 

His eyes speak volumes, don't they?  So big and beautiful and dark brown. His eyes have a kindness and a gentleness about them. He was so good with his little brother, and I know it is mostly to do with how his eyes can calm the little one just by gazing upon him.

Sweetness and gentleness are wrapped up in this beautiful mother, and her handsome sons. I loved spending time with this family and most of all, getting to hold the little one. His little Noah's ark smocked jumper was just too cute. 

I realized as I was processing these images from the session, how striking little eyes can be.  How they peer and investigate and analyze and learn.  Their eyes, even at such a young age, are taking in so much that will eventually mold them to who they will be as adults.  Their eyes speak for them, even when they cannot speak.

I am so thankful for the eyes of children.  Eyes that don't care who you are, or what you look like... eyes that don't know hurt or rejection.  Eyes that are forgiving and love unconditionally.

May we all have eyes like children, that see the true beauty that this world has to offer.