Sunday morning session... {Shreveport Family Photographer}

Sunday before church, I met up with two sweet families, both friends of ours from church.  Love them.  Love their babies.

This little one showed me where to go at the park.  He walks it every morning with his mom.  He knew all the secret paths.

This one made sure he had his lovey with him.  Love that.

Could he be any cuter?

While they were very active, we did manage to get a family photo. 

We then grabbed a few shots of her sister, husband and their little girl.  Dar-ling.

We had such a good time... can't wait to do it again as their babies get older. 


Candace said...

Ooooo... I LOVE these people. And I love the pics! Well done, SBP, as usual!!!!

Sasha said...

Photo #3 looks exactly like Mr. Z when he was little!
These are beautiful!