One year...

Today is sort of like a birthday.

I've been Sarah Baker for one year now ;) 

I can't tell you how much fun we've had this year.  Whether it be traveling or making meals together or making new friends, or working on our house... we've had the best time.

On our way to Big Sur

Being silly at Bernardus in Carmel Valley

My first LSU game!

Of course the best thing to happen to us this year is the news of Annie Beth coming into our lives.  I just can't wait to be a Mommy and to introduce Stephen to his daughter.  That will be the best moment and I long for it to be here.

Baby reveal... photo credit CDC Photography
I praise God for my husband and allowing me to be his wife.  We have had a wonderful year of marriage, and now we embark on the rest of our life... as parents. 

So here's to another wonderful year.  Full of exciting adventures together, and with Annie Beth.

I love you sweet husband ;)  Ready to break into that wedding cake taking up our freezer?  I think it's time.


Emily Davis said...

Congrats! Here's hoping for many, many more!

xoxo, Emily

Candace said...

Happy anniversary sweet friends!!!!

JayCee said...