Simple sides... Green Bean Bacon Wraps

Let's face it.  Putting a meal together is hard.  I have a hard time coming up with creative sides. Sure, it's easy to plan a main dish (say, chicken, pork or beef) but then what?  If you're in our household, I go to the default.  Roasted asparagus.  We've been over this.

Moving on.

I can't claim this side.  It was all Stephen.  But still, I'm married to him so technically, I can claim and blog.

We'll call it Green Bean Bacon Wraps. 

Take fresh green beans (wash them), and remove any rough spots and the ends.  Bunch them in groups of 6-8.  Whatever you feel like.

Then it gets complicated.  Just kidding.

Wrap each bundle in bacon.  Then lightly salt each bundle.  Place in a pan, then cover with foil (so as to steam cook the beans.  Stephen said this is very important.  And what he says to do, do it.)  I placed the wraps to cook on foil because I'm lazy and didn't want to have to scrub the pan of bacon grease after.  Grody.

Place in a 350 degree oven.  Bake until the bacon is crispy and the beans are browned.  Like the picture below.  We eventually removed the foil that covered the wraps so the bacon could crisp up real nice.

Pair with your main dish, and I promise you won't be disappointed.  Lets be honest.  What isn't good wrapped in bacon?