Memory Lane...

I don't know about you, but if you're an adult, say, over the age of a college student, and you've settled away from your parents... things of your past slowly show up in boxes labeled from when you were a child.

These boxes have somehow lasted through moves, attics, dust, and in my family's case... squirrel invasions.

Every time I go back home to Tulsa, various, mysterious bags show up in our car... undiscovered until we cross the Louisiana line.  And in Stephen's case... I found this box in our trunk after his mom dropped off some cabinet doors his dad had fixed for us. 

I was so excited to see what was in it.  Stephen hasn't had as many drop offs as I have. 

How precious is this.

Yes.  My hubby went to Space Camp.  He even met an astronaut with the last name Baker.  And got a pin.  I can just see his little sweet excited face at the age of 10 with his starched new flight suit.

I know you can imagine it too.

Space Camp wasn't the only memory he got to relive with me.  I also got Cub Scouts and Letterman jackets.  It was so much fun.

I love the Best Workmanship pin.  I think that alone is helping us get through all our home renovations.

And then to the Letterman jacket.  He lettered in tennis, track and cross country.  I would have had the biggest crush on him.  I bet his beard wouldn't have been as dark back then though...

Then to the cross country jacket.  I told him to run for me... so I could see his cross country moves.  

The best part of that little bitty box was hearing all the stories and memories associated with each jacket or piece of clothing.  I love hearing about his life before we knew each other.  It's so fun that in just a few short months, we'll able to share these stories with our little baby.  To tell them of our own childhood... all our silly stories.

Although,, I must say, our children will not see pictures of me between the ages of 10-16.  Those were some bad, ugly years, that I'd just as rather imagine didn't happen.  There was a grunge phase that needs to forgotten.  I hate to say this...

But when my mom said to me one morning as I left for 8th grade...  "let me take your picture so one day you can look back and see what a bad decision this outfit was."

She was right.  I've since destroyed the picture.


Sasha said...

Z's dad calls these boxes "Loved Ones Gifts" ;)
Sometimes we even get cleaning supplies from Sams which I lurve. I need details re: 8th grade photo - does it beat out the painted leather angel paints? I think not.
:) I think one of us needs to do a post with our leather pant phase - one of my pairs had the spandex type backs and pleather fronts - paired with an orange lyrca tank! I looked like a Harley Davidson spokeswoman!