Joy in the surprise...

I love surprising people.  I don't get to do it a lot, so when I found out we were pregnant, I couldn't wait to tell Stephen.  I had all of 10 minutes between finding out and telling him, so I didn't have a lot of time to prepare.

But luckily, it was near his birthday, so a birthday present was all I could think of.  I mean, what better birthday present could a man ask for?

So, I'll admit, we had to re-create these pictures, as I couldn't really say "Open this random EARLY birthday present with a camera in my hand, or he would have TOTALLY expected something.

But he was still in shock and so excited.  He kept saying "Really?  We're having a BABY?  I'm so happy!" and we cried and celebrated and then the blogger I am, made him pose for pictures.  Again, he's a catch isn't he?

I had wrapped the pregnancy test that said "Pregnant" in tissue and gave him a birthday card.  It's all I could come up with at Rite Aid in 10 minutes.  It did the job.

I think he read the card twice to make sure it had said what he thought it said.  He looked at me like "a child?  carrying a baby?  Really?"  It was great.  I loved being able to surprise him.

And then we had to go back to work.  Yes, this all took place during our lunch break.  I couldn't wait all day to tell him.  Basically, I didn't get much done the rest of that day. 

Next.. telling my family on a trip to Tulsa.

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  I was a little nervous and excited and shaky trying not to show I was taking their picture.  We made them cards with our baby pictures on them... and on the inside it said "Won't we make a beautiful baby?"

We're pregnant!

All my sister would say after she dropped to the floor and my mom jumped up and down was "I didn't read the card... I didn't read the card!  What did it say????? Are you really pregnant????"

It was hilarious.

Anyway, it was awesome.

And then my poor dad and Tate weren't sure what was going on.  We told them at the same time.. they just weren't in the picture.  I guessed right in thinking Lauren and my mom would make a better surprise picture.  Lauren came through with flying colors.  Even if I didn't actually catch anything.  But you get the gist.

The next day, I was having lunch with Sasha... but we ended up eating at Taco Bueno.  Well, the surprise had to happen at Taco Bueno!

She thought it was just her Christmas present.  Well, the card broke the news...

This post makes me hungry for some Taco Bueno... People in Shreveport don't know what they're missing.

I love her face.  Awesome.  Trash in the background really makes the picture too. 

That was fun.  We're so classy.

Next:  Grandma Polly at work.  I love her sweet face so much.  She's just my size too.  I take a lot after her...  We're so excited to make her a great grandmother.  She is so much more than the definition of great. She's fabulous.

After Tulsa... we came back to Shreveport and hosted a dinner for Stephen's family, with them thinking it was to celebrate his parents' wedding anniversary.

First, we found the same 8 Track his dad proposed with (my parents found it in a box of stuff in their garage!).  Anyway, it's the Bread 8 Track.

Then Bob told their engagement story which was really fun to hear.

One of the main songs on the Bread 8 Track is called "Baby I'm a want you"  (or something like that).  SO, we made them a CD so they could listen to it again... but added lots of other songs.

All songs with Baby in the title.  Creative eh?

Mary Katherine picked up on what we were doing first.  She was trying to hold back the emotions, but it wasn't really working.

Then his mom caught on as she read "Baby Baby", "Baby I need your love", and so on.

I love her face. 

This face was followed by lots of hugging and crying.  So much fun.

Last up on the documented "surprises" was Stephen's grandparents.  We had them over for Valentines day. 

We gave them a card... again, not so original, but it did the job.  Watch their faces.  It's great.

Granny.  So funny.  "Huh???"

They were so excited, but I think a little shocked.  It was fun to be able to say "You're already wonderful grandparents, but we're going to make you great!  Great Grandparents that is!"

I love our family so much and I love that we're adding to it.  I can't wait for everyone to see the face of our little one and hold them for the first time. 

Those will be some fun pictures to take.  Can't wait.


Three Pink Dots said...

This. is. HILARIOUS.

I'm still screaming with excitement. And I love granny's eyes over the glasses. Classic!

Sasha said...

L hitting the ground and saying "I didn't read the card, I didn't read the card!" is the best "reveal" story E-V-E-R! She looks like she just won the lottery!!! Good thing the card didn't say "here's an amazing . . . . Mazzios gift card . . . " MK reaction also so great . . . the "I know what all of the baby songs mean" hand clasp!
Im glad I didn't choke on a Bueno chip!!!
I can't wait for the gender reveal post!!