I'm just a little fruity...

You know how people have cravings when they're pregnant?  I haven't really had those, but I AM obsessed with eating fruit or making smoothies.

Does that count as a craving?

The frozen fruit blend from Target with the overpriced yet very yummy Simply Orange with Mango makes the BEST smoothies.  At least I think so.

I always thought cravings had to be something bad for you, like ice cream or snickers bars, or Chinese food.  But this little baby of mine (or maybe it's just me, and the baby has no say in the matter) really loves smoothies or fresh fruit.

And I try to force my obsession on Stephen.  Who doesn't love fruit as much as I do.  But who wouldn't want a pre-made smoothie made for them with a pretty colored straw in a monogrammed cup in the morning?  I don't know those people.  Coffee smoffee.

I'm also obsessed with KIND bars.  Have you had those?  They're on the nutrition bar section of you grocery.

I somehow didn't get my favorite two flavors in the picture (silly me) but one is a cranberry and nut bar (vegan, gluten and dairy free, for those of you that care about that.) and then for a treat, I LOVE the dark chocolate and cherry bar.  Amazing I tell you.

You must try them.  I discovered them at Starbucks first.  Since I don't like coffee and Stephen does, I always look for things I can get at Starbucks to feel cool too.  (I just want to belong, ok?)

So, that's what I'm craving right now.  I guess there are worse things.  I have re-discovered Cheetos since I don't feel guilty eating the extra fat/calories.  It's become my special treat if we go to get sandwiches.  I've had skinny girls give me the stink eye as they pick up they're bag of baked lays.  They're just jealous.


Sasha said...

Have you tried the yoplait or jamba juice smoothie mixes by the frozen fruit. They mix up thick like a milk shake if you are wanting a different type of smoothie.

Nora Greer said...

The only "craving" I remember was PB&J sandwhiches! So maybe your passing along good fruitiness because Sam loooooves peanut butter =)

Candace said...

MMmmmm.... Love a smoothie.

Melissa said...

I made a lot of smoothies while I was preg too. I used to work at Jamba, so I had tons of recipes and ideas. I really like kiwi strawberry (concentrate), strawberries, and peaches. You can make a great Banana Berry from milk, strawberry plain yogurt, blueberries and light fresh banana. Banana is very dominant when fresh, so beware. :)