Blessing in a bag...


The act of one who blesses.


Way way back in August, I had a divine appointment to meet a very sweet girl named Bethany.  You can read about it here

I knew when I met her that she as different, but I didn't know that she would become a close friend, and such a blessing in Stephen and my life.  Bethany and her husband are such giving souls.  We love that the Lord used them to bring us to our church and to introduce us to our Sunday school, and so many sweet friends.

Paul and Bethany own Aidan's place, which makes wonderful homemade granola.  If you live in Shreveport, it's the granola on your Humphrey at Counter Culture.  If you have been around our house, it's the granola Stephen has a hard time not eating all in one sitting.  It's a problem.  We're working on pacing ourselves.

Tonight, Stephen and I went to help them bag up 300 "Blessings in a Bag" for local homeless and other organizations that need a nutritious solution for those who are needy.

We filled these bags at Aidan's Place, here in Shreveport, where they produce all the granola.  I can't even describe the amazing aroma when you pull in the parking lot.  Yes, you can smell it from the parking lot.  It's amazing.

Stephen was on the bagging crew.  He scooped and weighed each bag.

I can't bag granola.  I can't sit that close to a huge batch of granola goodness.  I would have to taste test WAY too much.

"Uh Oh!  This huge pile just dropped on the table!  I must eat it then"

I put the labels on the bags.  It's important.  And they don't loose as much granola that way.

Bethany has painted scripture throughout the shop, and it's wonderful that no matter where you look, you're covered with the Word, and blessings straight from the Lord.

And tonight, we were also joined by little blessings.  They were so precious.

He was looking for the best piece of granola to share with me. 

This face says it all:

"Do I really have to give up some granola to you, the crazy lady with the camera?"

Don't worry sweet little one.  I get the same look from my husband.


Honeybee Mama said...

uh, can i have a bite of the delicious looking granola with the blonde hair and puppy dog eyes?!

Candace said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful friends! I love it!!!

Nora Greer said...

those Brubaker boys were lovin' them some granola!