Battle of the lip gloss...

I've just discovered that my sister and I have a problem.  We're addicted to lip gloss.

So, on our way out to shop together, I started to attempt to find my favorite lipstick in my purse. 

Well, as I started to pull lip glosses and lipsticks out of my purse, I realized I had WAY too many for one person.  And they were all basically the same color.  You should have heard Stephen.  "Why do you have so many in there?"

I love plum or raspberry shades.  Don't know why but I'm so drawn to them. 

But then, my sister took it to a whole new level.  And keep in mind, her purse was smaller than mine.

She pulled out her big guns.

What?  Can you believe that was all in one girl's purse?  Yes, and I love that all of hers are the same hue.  I love that when I see these shades, I think of her.  She rocks some coral/pinks. 

What's the point of all of this? I love my sister, and I love that within her purse one can find 14 different lip glosses, along with 6 fortune cookies, a planner, a tape measure, 32 rubber bands, 20 bobby pins, 8 pens, and 2 different shades of nail polishes. 

I really can't say anything about her crazy purse contents though.  I think there are about 12 fruit snack wrappers in my purse, along with about 300 receipts that I don't know why I keep, as they all end up in the trash.  And I won't even tell you how many bobby pins.  Stephen will say a million.  And I can't ever find them.

Anyway, my sister rocks and I love her very much ;) (wonder what shade she's wearing here?) 

Sister shopping, just after I had told her we were pregnant with her first niece or nephew ;) 
We'll call her Aunt Kiki.


Sasha said...

Aunt Kiki is going to be such a good Aunt . . . look at her baby holding skills (we will ignore the hairdryer!) - great neck support, good kissy face, color filled outfit, giant cotton ball pearl necklace for babies entertainment!! Perfect! You two and your lipgloss - make our mamas proud! PS I really wish Aunt Kiki would have purchased that darling yellow chair - so cute!!

Three Pink Dots said...

Haha still loving this blog post. Yeah- why didn't I buy that darling little yellow chair? I can't wait to put red kiss marks all over the Baby Baker..... yay!!!

Nora Greer said...

I kinda thought I had a lipgloss/stick problem, but I think you and your sis have me beat! I need recs for something new though..any ideas?!

Honeybee Mama said...

#1 i want that yellow chair. #2 uh, we all know each one of those colors is COMPLETELY different and meant for completely different days, purposes, outfits, etc. right? totally acceptable. that's why purses come in "big" and "with ample pockets."