Baby reveal party ideas...

This next weekend, we're going to do a big reveal to find out if we're having a boy or girl! (My doctor is going to put "boy or girl" on a slip of paper in an envelope so we won't know at the appointment).  This way, we can find out the sex of our baby all together, with everyone!

I wanted to do something casual (not a full out party)  and we love the idea of doing a balloon box.  We're getting together at the park with friends and family, so I thought balloons would be great.  Have you seen these? 

I just think they are so much fun.  Who doesn't love balloons.

Tonight I'm going to go find a BIG box and figure out how to cover it! 

I also love all the ideas I'm finding where people guess what you're having. 


Can't wait for Saturday.  Praying for good weather and a healthy baby at our checkup on Thursday!


Sasha said...

Love the balloon baby reveal idea and the entire post!
And will make the BEST pictures ever!!! I had an idea brought on by the "Wear your Guess" - you could buy paper baker/chefs hats and have people write boy or girl in pink or blue on them . . . get it Baby BAKER hats?!? ;)

Sarah SG said...

Yay! Looks adorable. When are you calling me since we can't be there!! :) :) :)

jennp said...

I am voting girl! Can't wait to see pics of your fun reveal party!