You are so loved...

Just a little reminder for this Friday...

via Katie Daisy

I've always loved this saying.  You are so loved...

When I was in 7th grade, I was a camper at Super Summer, at OBU in Oklahoma.  We had a very dynamic speaker, and his name was Dave Busby.  I still remember his voice, his passion for Christ, and his drive to live despite his health conditions living with cystic fibrosis, heart disease and polio.  After his sermon, I went down to meet him and he signed in my Bible, "You are so loved".  I've always remembered that moment.  I am so loved.

I hope you also know how much you are loved!

"The more we go to Jesus as a lifestyle, the more we discover that He will fill us up with His presence to the point of overflowing.  The more we receive and depend, the more we will spill over." Dave Busby
via Katie Daisy

 Happy Friday!  We are so blessed and I hope you never forget that you are so loved!


Kellie said...

Hey Sarah,
Just clicked over to your blog via Candace. Your blog is beautiful. I just had to comment on this post... Way back in the day, when I was dating my husband and a very new Christian, I heard Dave Busby preach. His toppic was Keeping The Main Thing the Main Thing... and I use that saying to myself a lot!

Over the years I haven't talked to anyone else (other than my husband) who remembers Dave Busby, so I just had to tell you!