Love in the mail...

Love is in the air... Air mail that is.

Now, I can't show you what was in this darling package from my always-perfect-gift-giver-best friend, as it's going to be another blog all together... but I also got a care package from my parents.  They were sending Stephen and me some Valentines Love!

Check out how fabulous their gift was:

Rice crispy treats (which I've been dying to make lately!)  homemade brownies, dark mint chocolate, pink and white m&m's and hazelnut truffles.  Could it get any better?

My mom made this cute little basket. And all the cute tags.  Love it!

(My mom got the tag downloads from Heather Bullard's website.  Do you love Heather Bullard?  I do. My mom does.  Therefore, you should also.)

I will never get tired of a handwritten card.  I love handwriting and seeing my mothers perfect penmanship.  She was a teacher so everything is perfect.  Even her S's.  Those are hard. 

Heart shaped brownies.  Could you have better shaped brownies?

And she remembered Stephen's favorite candy.  He immediately broke those open, and I forced him to re-tie the bow so I could take a picture.  Oh the life of the husband to a blogger.  "Tie that back!  I haven't taken a picture!"  Poor thing.

I just love all the personal touches and how she added vintage Valentine labels to each treat.

Such a treat for us... and so much fun to have a little dessert after dinner.  And lunch.  And as a snack in the afternoon. 

I'm trying to ration some of it so we can sneak it into a movie or something.  But the rice crispy treats are gone.  Those were the first to go.  And Stephen's candy.  There was no stopping that train.