Easiest Tortillia Soup in minutes...

I'm not kidding.  This is so easy and it you can make it several different ways.  Cheater way or home cook way.  You decide.  I'm a cheater mostly.  I love recipes that involve lots of canned goods. And no measuring.

Start with a big pot, and add a can of black beans (drained), and a can of fire roasted tomatoes (don't drain).  You can use regular tomatoes, but I like the fire roasted.  Makes it look more rustic.  And who doesn't love rustic?

Pour in a can of corn, a can of enchilada sauce, and a box of chicken broth.  (Actually read the sodium label.  Some are so bad for you.  Low sodium is defined very differently among brands).  You can always add salt.  You can't take it away.

Get a roasted chicken.  (You know the drill at our house. Remove skin, give it to your husband.)

Shred chicken meant.  Place in pot.  (You can do this entire recipe in the crockpot with frozen (yes, frozen) chicken breasts.  Works just as well.  I didn't want to do the crock pot all day (maybe I forgot, ok?) and putting everything into a pot on the stove, it's ready in minutes.

Now, once you have everything in the pot... add your spices.  We do dashes.  Very specific amount, I know.  You can do whatever you want here.  We add cumin, salt, garlic, and other spices.  You can do what you feel like.  We've done all sorts of combos and it all tastes good.

We added Cavenders to this latest batch (I know, it's blurry, but you get the picture.)  And it's Greek... I know.  It works.  Don't ask questions.

I love these spice bottles.

Now, let it cook until you're ready to eat.  Nothing really has to cook that long in this.  Just eat when ready.

But first, fry up some tortillas.  You can do it.  ( I know, this may seem like a complicated step. You could buy tortilla strips at the store, but once you make these, you won't do that again.)

Pour peanut oil in a large skillet.  (speaking from experience, make sure moisture hasn't gotten into your skillet before you do this.  I'm just saying.  There will popping and oil everywhere if it's not dry.  You're welcome).

Corn Tortillas.  Cut into strips.  Place in hot oil.  You don't need that much oil.  Maybe a fourth of a cup?  Depends on how many delicious strips you're making.  It just needs to coat the skillet so the strips can fry ;)  We made quite a few because they're so good.

Be sure and turn them as they cook so they don't burn.  When they are starting to get the crispy goodness look, put them on a plate with paper towels to get all the oil off.  Sprinkle with some Tonys and salt. 

You don't even know how good these are.

Now, pour your soup in a bowl, and top with some sliced avocado, a dollop of sour cream and some grated mexican cheese.  And strips of course.

Little squirt of lime and you're done!  Aside from the sour cream, cheese and strips, it's very healthy.  But life is too short.  We went with it.  And it was goooooood.

And get ready for some really good leftovers!



Annie said...

Hi Sarah! Sasha sent me your recipe and I just made it tonight. Sooooo yummy! Thanks for sharing. :)

JayCee said...

We love Tortilla Soup! Well actually, the version I make is technically "Taco Soup". I use all of the same ingredients except I sub Taco Seasoning for Enchilada Sauce. Now homemade tortillas I have never tried! I will now though...thanks Sarah B!