Butcher Block Countertops...

You know my kitchen dilemma.  It involves an oven from the 1940's, Formica countertops, and a linoleum floor that I'm really actually sad I'll have to part with.  Nothing breaks when you drop things.  Crucial in my life)

Anyway.  It's a small kitchen and lets be honest, we'll only fit in this house for so long.  (I won't think about the day that we won't fit, as I'll be so sad to leave this precious cottage.)

So, in an effort to re-do, but not spend a fortune, I've looked into something I think would be so perfect for our house.

Butcher block countertops.

I love how you can stain them as light or dark as you'd like!

Looks great with white cabinets... which is what we want to do.

I love it paired with white subway tile.

Guess what the best part is?  They're from IKEA and you can cut them down to size.  They're really affordable, and I'm 99% positive I can have them shipped to my house.

Examples of other bloggers that have done this.  (most pictures above are from their blogs or googling butcher block ikea countertops)

Ashley Ann
This and That blog
Stillwater Story

And here's the link to the IKEA countertops these girls used:  IKEA Butcher block Countertops

I can't even tell you how much money we'll save versus doing granite or other stones.  And honestly, I think the butcher blocks are more "us". 

Don't you think?


jennp said...

I love the butcher block cabinets and the white cabinet and the white subway tile....really love the subway tile!

Candace said...

I love this! But can you use it like a cutting board and get it all full of character or is that wrong? Inquiring minds...

Lilyht said...

Did you install your butcher block counters? I am looking into using butcher block, and wonder if it is a good idea to place next to a sink. Makes me nervous, the wood might be compromised over time.
I would like to see your pictures.