Baby Baker Nursery Inspirations...

I promise not to turn this blog into a nursery blog...

But, I do have some fun ideas for the nursery that I wanted to share with you!  Plus, you might also have some good ideas for me!

I love campaign dressers, but what I really love about this is the fact that I can make one of my many "available" dressers into a changing area, and still have a place for storage.

Mom- get ready to make a changing pad cover!  In several colors!
I love the owl lamp too... wish I knew where to find one just like that!
Here is another example of the dresser/changing area.

And I loved this nursery... and even purchased the same crib!  Jenny Lind cribs are my favorite.  Vintage, yet simple and just perfect for the look I'm going for.

Is it crazy we already have our crib?  I think not.  I was so excited to order SOMETHING. 

I love the Amy Butler fabric she used with the crib.  And the vintage side table, and the tiered basket for essential diaper changing items!  So darling!

And I loved this nursery because it reminds me a little bit of our layout.  We have windows surrounded by bookshelves (ours are to the ceiling...) but it makes me think of all the fun things we can do with those bookshelves.  I also love the simple white crib, and the mix of vintage furniture and toys, along with newer items like the super comfy looking glider.  I also love the stripes on the wall, but I'm not about to tackle that...

So those are my current inspirations for the nursery.  I'm really not letting myself go much past this, as I don't want to do too much work on it before we know if we're having a little prince or princess.

I can't wait to find out. Just 23 more days.  Ahhhhh!


Sasha said...

Hooray for Nursery Inspirations - now I can start buying things - I can REALLY start loading up in 23 more days!!!!! Have you seen Megans nursery with the twin Jenny Lind cribs: http://www.inthiswonderfullife.com/2011/08/nursery-part-1.html - thought you would like it :)

ps Ive spotted that Owl Lamp at West Elm - another thing you can order!


jennp said...

Those are so cute! i love the Amy Butler fabric. Baby Baker is going to have such an amazing room :-)

Annie said...

Beckett has that lamp from west elm! We love the lamp because it's fairly sturdy too.. anyway, love the inspiration and can't wait to see what you girls come up with. :)

cribs for twins said...

Those are so lovely! especially the Amy Butler fabric.