Yogurt Personality Test...

Last weekend, Stephen took me to Orange Cup (I think that's the name.)  Really yummy frozen yogurt.  Too many toppings to choose from.  And the bowls make you get WAY too much.

But as I sat there, I realized that you can really learn a lot about someone by their frozen yogurt selections.

Can you tell which is mine?  Lets just say the messy creative one. 

Stephens... the neat one, is in sections.  His flavors don't mix.  His fruit was meticulously chosen to pair with each of his three flavors. He took time to plan which would be best with the pineapple, the chocolate.

What does mine say?  I'm basically still a child.  I opt for m&m's and chocolate chips, and the occasional gummy bears, which turn hard and extremely chewy when paired with frozen yogurt.  I like to swirl.  I like to see the colors of the m&m's melt into the yogurt and create a rainbow effect.  It makes me happy.

Stephen's yogurt says he's organized, a planner, thinks through his decisions.  He thinks ahead about what will be the best choice for him.  He appears here to make a healthier decision than me (with the fruit and all...).  But I love him.  He completes my crazy side.  The side that likes to swirl.

But we go together. As we sat there, we shared our masterpieces with one another. He loved my m&m mixture.  He said it reminded him of being a little boy. We talked about how both of us would go to TCBY as children and turns out, we would both get the same topping.  Gummy Bears.  (I'm telling you, it's the best)

Neither one of us finished our desserts because our eyes were both bigger than our stomachs.  We had a sweet time together, sharing a treat, and even as we approach one year of marriage, we're still learning about one another.  Something new every day.

And I hope it stays that way.


juju said...

orange leaf...
isn't it amazing!

i really love their spoons too!
i kept mine until it got run through the dishwasher... let's just say it's time for a replacement ;)

there's also a new place in town, red mango...
simply delectable!

i love your yogurt personality assessment... so very true :)

Ali Rodriguez said...

Very cute! Fro yo dates are the best!