Mary Katherine and Coe {Shreveport Engagement Photography}

Let me introduce you to Shreveport's newest engaged couple.  Aren't they precious? 

Mary Katherine and Coe contacted me to do their engagement session and I was so excited!  What a cute couple they are... and so sweet with eachother.

We headed to downtown Shreveport and started out at a really cool blue wall (which I Loved) and then headed to the area over by the Barnwell Center, where there are gardens and fountains and lots of fun areas to hang out in. 

They then did an outfit change... can you tell I was obsessed with her headband?  Loved it.

I love this picture... I think it's so sweet.

I had a great time with these two... and I know they will have a fun 7 months or so planning for their upcoming wedding!


Nora Greer said...

I'm so glad you found the blue wall! I meant to respond to your facebook post - I pass by that wall everyday and I always thought it would make a good back drop!
Fab pics as per usual Ms. SB!

JayCee said...

Amazing job!!

Candace said...

Beautiful work, Sarah Baker!

susie t said...

Wow! How special....beautiful