Chicken Nuggets...

This last weekend, Stephen and I made our (just about weekly) trip to Lowes and Home Depot.  We have made dates out of going to the big box stores.  Sad isn't it?

On this trip, we made a stop past the gas ranges, just to look at our options (we do this alot).  I found one that wasn't too bad.  Nice 5 burners, heavy door, I liked the knobs... but one thing was off.

The buttons...

Yes, that says chicken nuggets.

I'd like a "Design your own" buttons (if you have to have presets).  I'd need one that says roasted asparagus... or rosemary potatoes.

But chicken nuggets?  Pizza?  Those items already come in boxes with strict instructions.  You can't read the box?  Does asparagus have instructions?  No.  That's what we need a button for.

It's a very nice oven.  It's 1000 times nicer than our oven, which currently only works on the right side.  So, even though it says chicken nuggets, it would be a huge improvement.  I could look past the buttons.

I was just a little thrown off by the presets.  I'm sure I'll get over it ;)

(Public Service Announcement- I'm not knocking chicken nuggets.  I do love them, especially from Chick-fil-A dipped in chick-fil-a sauce, which is new to me, introduced by my husband.  Where has chick-fil-a sauce been all my life?)


Candace said...

That is odd! I guess it's for frazzled and sleep deprived mothers of children who love chicken nuggets? That's my only guess. Funny!

Missy Rose said...

that's hilarious and sad and...sad and hilarious all at the same time! oh goodness.