Pumpkin Shine...

Last year at this time, I had just moved to Shreveport... just started this little blog... and I was getting to know my new job and had just got engaged.  Life has not slowed down since!

This last week, Stephen and I went with our sweet friends Molly and Pat with their two little boys, to Pumpkin Shine on Line, which is held in the park down the street from our house. 

Thank you sister for our super fun cheese board!  We love using it!

We started the night off with a little picnic in our front yard.  Cheese and crackers, and fruit snacks for the little ones who didn't want to eat their pb&j's.

Then off to the park we went!  I pushed Molly out of the way volunteered to push the stroller.  I thought this would bring joy to my Mother's heart.  The Mother who asks me when I'm giving her a bundle of joy in which she can smock their every outfit for.  Not yet dear Mother.  But you can get a glimpse of me pushing a stroller here.  Maybe the double stroller is a foreshadowing of twins someday.  How fun.  Double smocked goodness.

Will was NOT happy about the stroller situation.  It was not because of my driving skills.  I make fun noises and went fast down the hill.  He just wanted to go back to our fun picnic I decided. 

Once we got to the park, and were greeted by 1,000 families all with 2.5 children... and a million bizillion pumpkins... so you can imagine the chaos.  Molly took over the driving. 

All the displays were great.  Each school in Shreveport has an opportunity to submit a pumpkin, so there were lots of little creative minds that were brought together to make some super fun pumpkin displays!

This one makes me sad... Go Rangers!

I thought this one was super cute for a front porch!
Stephen got a turn with the stroller.  Lookin good honey.

 Meanwhile... Will is still not into the stroller.  Who would want to ride when you can be carried?  And who could resist this precious face?

This one I thought was so funny... Angry Pumpkins ;)

On our way back, Molly had Will duty, and you can tell how much this little one loves his mama.

It was a fun night with sweet friends!  I can't believe October is already come and gone.  What happened to this month?  Well... off to plan for Thanksgiving I guess.  At least this next month brings cooler weather!  I'm just excited to break out the scarves ;)

Happy Monday!


Anne with an E...

"There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

My childhood was formed by so many people.  I got my stoic nature from my grandmother.  I got my creativity from my mother.  I got my serious side and common sense from my father.  I learned dance moves from my sister.  I got my silliness from my grandfather.  I learned how to be a friend from my Sasha.  And I got my imagination from Anne.  Anne with an E.

Anne on her best friends wedding day... Diana.  Diana was her bosom friend.
Anne of Green Gables was my favorite growing up.  She dreamed, she used big words.  She was different, quirky, a little dorky, but stood for what she believed in.  She was stubborn, and passionate.  She was a romantic.  She was clumsy and a little awkward. I saw so much of me in her.

Anne with her adoptive mother, Marilla.  PS- I wonder if she's wearing a sock bun?

"Marilla, isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
- Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

As an adult, I still love to watch the old Anne of Green Gables movie.  I sit and think back to when I was a little girl and would try to imagine the world as Anne would.  She was my friend. 

"I know I chatter too much but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't you would give me some credit." 

Anne and Diana.  I love their friendship, as it is so sweet and loving... everyone needs a Diana in their life.

I now find it so fun to meet other girls that grew up with "Anne".  A stranger becomes a friend if they make any reference to Anne.  They become bosom friends quickly if they can quote her.  I've met only a few of these kindred spirits in my lifetime.

I love this scene.   I wanted to marry a "Gil" growing up.  I will have to say I married someone better than Gil!
This last weekend, as we visited my favorite store, Stephen walked out with one extra bag.  He had bought me a surprise, but I didn't know what it was.  In true typical Stephen fashion, he couldn't wait for me to open the gift... so we sat outside and I opened this gift on a parkbench just outside Anthropologie.

Best scene... I cry every time.

He gave me a wonderful gift.  The gift to talk to Anne again.  To hear her stories and to relate to her on a whole new level, now that I'm older and wiser of course.  I got a new copy of Anne of Green Gables.

"I'm not a bit changed--not really. I'm only just pruned down and branched out. The real ME--back here--is just the same."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

But Anne with an E is still part of me.  I feel as though part of my love for blogging is that I get to write.  Anne loved to write, and so do I.  I may not be the best writer on the planet, but I want to share my stories with the world.  Maybe I'll be a real writer some day ;)

So, to my Anne, I'll be getting to know you again, from the beginning.  I can't wait to catch up. 

Signing off, Sarah with an H.



A retreat to the lake...

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I were craving a weekend away.  So we headed south towards his grandparents... where we could unwind, catch up with Granny and PawPaw and maybe have a meal or two.  Wait, who are we kidding... we'd be welllllll fed.  Granny makes sure of it.

Stephen's grandparents live on the lake down in southeast Texas.  They live next to and around many family members, and daily visits for coffee and cake are on the docket.  I would love to have daily chats on my back porch with family and friends.  That just sounds amazing.

We arrived to see the lake had been hit hard by the current drought and hot summer we've had here.  You see the grass below?  That was once water.  All the way half up the loading ramp.

It's sad really.  PawPaw can't even get his boat in the water.  Just June of last year, water was all the way up to the dock.  It's a beautiful place nestled among tall old pine trees, which shade the tranquil lake, home to some of the best bass fishing around.

One thing Stephen and I wanted to do, was cook for Granny and PawPaw.  Granny always goes to so much trouble when she has company, we wanted to give her a break.  Plus, we were making them homemade pizza.  They love pizza.  It was so much fun ;)

Stephen... he loves to chop.

He's a very good chopper.  And everything is always tidy in their little bowls.  I love it.

We made three different pizzas.

First up:  Hawaiian.

Marinara sauce with Canadian bacon, Mandarin oranges and pineapple with mozzarella.

PawPaw called it his peach pizza.  It was hilarious.  "I'd like more of that peach pizza".  PawPaw's are so cute.  They can just about say anything and get away with it.

Next up:  Good 'ol Supreme.  You name it, we put it on there.  Although, I will say sadly that there were mushrooms and olives involved.  I kept to the other pizzas, and let them have alllll they wanted of that one.  It did look the prettiest though.

And last up:  Meat pizza.  Sausage, bacon, pepperoni... it was gooooood.

Granny and PawPaw said we ruined them.  Their regular pizza just wont cut it any more. 

Dinner was great.  I loved being out of the range of computers and cell phones.  We spent time talking and watching base ball.  It was glorious.

The next morning, we got up to Cinnamon rolls, hot links and bacon.  With orange juice.  I love Sunday mornings.  Except Sunday mornings at our house has never involved hot links AND bacon.  I must say, I could get used to this.  What I couldn't get used to is an ever growing waist line.  It's all so good though!

Granny's Fiesta ware.  I love it so much.
 We then headed to church, the most precious church you've ever been to.  I wish I had my camera out to capture the hugs, kisses (yes, there were kisses) and the sweet welcome from their church members.  I can tell why his grandparents love that church.  It is filled to the brim with love and joy. 

After church, we headed back to the house for lunch and naps and baseball.  Stephen's perfect world!

Cutest boys on the planet.
No steak is complete without a baked potato and iced tea.  And no afternoon following a steak is complete without a nap.

It was tough leaving (who would want to leave such a wonderful place?)  We felt rested and energized to take on our week, which is just what we needed.  It's nice going to a place that is a little bit slower, a little bit quieter.  It allows one to get your priorities in line and remember what's important in life.  Your faith... your family and of course... food ;)  

Thank you for such a lovely, relaxing weekend, Granny and PawPaw.  We loved every minute ;)

Their bumper crop of Satsumas. 


Double Datin' with friends...

I love going to dinner with my husband.  We laugh, we talk, we dream about all sorts of things that we want to do with our life.  We plan out our backyard remodel... we talk about trips we want to take... we talk about food.  We eat lots of food... it's just a whole lot of fun.

Looks rough, but it's a famous establishment here in Shreveport... and only holds a few tables.  Gotta get there early!

So when we were invited to dinner with our new friends the Chaney's... I was super pumped to go on a double date!  But we didn't talk about our backyard remodel.  Although, I'm sure they would have loved to hear about it.

Jack and Candace.  Aren't they the cutest?  Cakeballs for Candace... since she had a birthday recently.

We met at the famous Herby K's here in Shreveport.  Home to the famous Shrimp Buster, which they flatten shrimp and fry it and put it on poboy bread.  I really don't understand how they get it that flat. 

I got a regular poboy because I'm boring and didn't feel like eating busted shrimp.  But after seeing Stephen's, I think I could have enjoyed it ;)

Candace got a shrimp poboy, which means they were not busted.  Just plain 'ol shrimp.  There looks to be nothin plain about that poboy.  Looked yummy!

After dinner, we met up with another couple, Nora and Jason, to hang out with them for a little bit.  We had the best time and I love getting to know these sweet couples. 

Yes, we are laughing because Stephen took about 15 pictures.  My face says "Please stop with the paparazzi."  I then learned that the settings for my camera were on continuous shooting mode.  Not his fault. 

After that, I decided the boys needed a picture.  Good lean in Jack.  I like it.

I love meeting up with friends and sharing a meal, great fellowship and a lot of laughs.  I know we'll have many more to come!


Whole Foods (please come) to Shreveport...

While in Baton Rouge, I was reminded how much I love Whole Foods.  Why can't Shreveport have one? Rumor is that our city's demographic does not match that of the Whole Food philosophy.  Apparently, you have to have a certain number of college graduates, certain median income, be a healthier city, and so on and so on.  Is it too much to say that we love our fried chicken but also love organic things too?  We're just well rounded... nothing is wrong with being well rounded.  New Orleans has a Whole Foods.  They don't exactly match what I would call a healthy city.  Can you say beignets?

Now, I realize what you may be thinking.  You pay a premium to shop at Whole Foods.  Yes.  Yes you do.  But I would venture to say that if you're buying healthier foods, which make you feel better, which makes you be active more, and stay away from the doctor, and eat out less because you have such great ingredients to cook with at home... it would all even out. 

I'm just sayin.

Oh, the freshness.  Fish, meats, sausage.  Yes, yes, yes.

Whole Foods is for the Whole body.  They have everything from bath products, to fresh fruits, to organic choices for your family.  Foods that aren't filled with processed materials or bad hormones.

They even have gummy vitamins for adults.  I take gummy vitamins.  It's the highlight of my evening.  These gummies below are a little out of my price range, so I will stick with my rite aid gummies.  Plus, mine are peach and berry flavored.  I like variety.

I could have spent an hour and a half in there with my Stephen.  Wait.  We did.  Yep, who needs shopping at places like a mall when you have Whole Foods?

On that note, I know Stephen and I talk a lot about food.  Making food together, eating together... but one thing we have always loved doing?  Going on dates to the grocery store.  One of our first dates was to a Central Market.  What can I say?  I love him so much.  Especially in the pasta aisle when he says...

"You so Fusilli"  (sounds like Foo-Silly)

I can't tell you how much fun we have in that store. 

"Take a picture of that Chili Ginger Honey marinade.  I could make that."  says Stephen.  Lets just say I have a lot of pictures of things we're going to make in the next month or so.

Dear Whole Foods... I personally invite you to come experience Shreveport.  We're an amazing city that is in need of some organic healthy options.  I know of a wonderful, sweet family that can make some granola for you.  You'd love it

Whole Foods... you just don't know what you're missing in Shreveport.  I promise.