Weekend is here!

Are you as excited that it's Friday as I am? 

I can't stand it.

Here's what's on the list for this weekend:

1.  Go on a date with my Phen and go see a movie.

And there's a bonus.

No, it's not that I get to go to stare at Brad Pitt.  (Have you seen my hubby?  So much cuter than Brad Pitt.  No offense Angelia.  Just being real with you)

Bonus:  I get popcorn AND candy at the movie.  It ends up being dinner.  It's wonderful.

It's the little things in life.

2.  Buy new Fall plants for my flower bed, and hopefully a Fall wreath and a flower box for the front of our house.  Hello Mums... welcome to our home.



When picking out mums, be sure to buy the plants with hardly any color on them yet.  Once they bloom, they are done for a while.  You want the little buds, and no bloom when you plant.  (Thanks mom... I always bought the prettiest ones.  Little did I know)

And what goes good with mums?  Pansies, money wart, coleus... can't wait to plant!

This last pic was from a website that had a good listing of Fall plantings and what to look for. Pretty good.  Check it out.

3.  Attend the Red River Revel in Shreveport... or if you're cool, you just call it The Revel.  I've been told.  And since I want to be cool...

The Revel is the largest outdoor arts festival in Northwest Louisiana.  I've never been.  I'm excited to see the art, hear the music and eat the food.  Weather is supposed to be nice too.  Win, Win, Win.  Camera, check!

4.  I want to buy pumpkins.  At a pumpkin patch.  But I'm afraid I may not find one and I'll settle with going to buy mine at the Walmart.  I'll live I guess.

via Country Living


It's going to be a big weekend, but a fun one.  We're going to work around the house and try to actually finish some of our already started projects.  With football on and the weather so nice, it's hard to work on painting and boring stuff like grouting a tile floor.  Here's to a productive fun filled weekend!  Hope you're doing fun things too!  Let me know what is going on... I'd love to hear!

(Oh, and lets not forget... Go Cowboys and Geaux Tigers... we'll be cheering!)  Does it make us a house divided if we cheer for each others teams?  I just really like the Golden Girls at LSU... I'd like to be one.  Just sayin. It's never too late I guess.

They wear white gloves have have great hair.  So Southern.  Love it!

LSU Golden Girls


Our first underground supper club...

Have you ever heard of an underground supper club?  Well, Shreveport now has one... and Stephen and I were so excited to be part of the very first one held in our humble city.  Man, the food was amazing. 

We received the tickets in the mail just a few days before the dinner was held.  We didn't know the location until our tickets arrived.  Much to our delight, the dinner was held at Wine Country, which is an amazing restaurant here in Shreveport, with a great atmosphere.  We had no idea who would be there, how many, or what we would eat.

The originator of the underground club is Michael OBoyle.  A local chef and blogger, who I found when I started blogging.  His blog is great.  Awesome pics of food as well... (I need some definite tips!)  Check it out here.  He was the head chef for all the wonderful creations this evening.  Him and his team did a great job.

We arrived and sat with two other couples at a large round table.  Underground dinners are great as there is open seating and everyone there has a love affair with food.  We, along with the other two couples, talked about food 90% of the time we were there.  It was wonderful.

Chef Michael kept the numbers to 50 people, which was great as it made it more intimate and not too loud.  (Our table is to the left, middle.  Stephen's back is to the camera, in the blue shirt).

The great thing about the dinner being held at Wine Country... is the great selection of wine to accompany the amazing food!  You can see all the wine flights the other two couples got.  Made for a very full table!

Now, on to the important part.  The food.  First up: 

Homemade pork rind with tuna tar tare and pickled peach chives.  This was my first experience with a pork rind.  I thought it was a wonton until Stephen said, "Well Sarah Sarah, how was your first pork rind?"  I was more impressed that I was eating tuna tar tare... but now that I know I also ate a pork rind, I'm not sure which is more impressive!

It was really really good, and the tuna was so fresh and had a wonderful flavor.  The pork rind was super crispy and salty and just perfect.  First course:  A+.

Second course:  Lemongrass corn chawan mushi with popcorn corn nuts and cilantro sea urchin. 

This was great as well, and I had not experienced mushi before (have you?).  The texture is similar to a custard, which I wouldn't have been able to eat by itself, but the addition of the popcorn and corn nuts made it the perfect combination of texture and flavor. 

Third course.... and my favorite of the night... Ricotta Gnocchi Korean BBQ.  I am still dreaming about the gnocchi.  (sorry for the horrible photography.  It was so dark in the restaurant... and nothing turned out like I thought it would.  Plus, I was too excited to eat everything that I didn't really care in the moment how things were turning out.  Could you blame me?)

This was hands down my favorite, as the Korean BBQ pork was amazing, paired with this amazing sauce, gnocchi, and fresh chopped green tomatoes on top. 


I didn't like it at all, and no one else did, if you can tell.

Next?  What can top that?  Oh, donuts.  With bacon.  Yes.

Blue cheese bacon donuts with pineapple.

You could barely taste the blue cheese, as it had been whipped beyond submission to this frothy wonderfulness.  Stephen was basically licking the plate.  (and so were the other boys at our table).  I tried to ask for seconds... but no one heard me.  Sad.

Next up... Watermelon palate cleanser.  Naturally.

I could have cleansed with palate with gnocchi or donuts, but whatever floats their boat.

And last up (I know, I was sad too)... Pie crust panna cotta with a red wine and blueberry lemon sauce.  Ugh.  So good.

He hated it as you can tell.

So, our first underground dinner club was a success.  We hope to attend many more and hopefully see our new friends we made at future dinners.  We're so glad that something of this culinary caliber has come to Shreveport.  Thank you Michael and Gulf Pig Underground... we're happy to have you here.  Thank you for expanding my palate and opening up my mind for future dinner parties.  First up?  I'm going to make my own gnocchi.  Oh, and the donuts.  Oh the donuts.


So proud...

My mom had a big weekend.  Over 150 people came to visit her garden, as she was one of the four featured gardens in the "Living with Art in the Garden" tour, hosted by Living Arts Tulsa.

Welcome Fall!!!!
With Master Gardeners on hand to help her answer questions about her plants... I know she was in hog heaven.  Or I guess more appropriately, horticulture heaven.  (bandum...chu)

Here are some shots of her garden.  Wish I could have been there! 

Isn't her girl in the garden so cute?  Her burlap dress is perfect for the occasion...

A sweet man in their Sunday school made her this birdhouse... isn't it precious?

I love the grouping of the lamb, a vintage pot, along with vintage garden tools.

I would just like to say that I the darling pillow in the middle is one of my favorite purchases... from a sweet friends' garage sale a few years back.  Thank you Shannon!  I thought my mom needed it.  It was perfect for her vintage glider!

I love her addition of a big thick wire ribbon outside.  Perfect addition for Fall!

I love her new addition of a farm table under the porch.  She said that her and my dad have been eating outside every night.  How wonderful!  I also love that the burlap runner is from our wedding, along with the big lantern!  Our decor has made several appearances since our wedding in April, which I love!

I gave my mom this hummingbird wind chime the weekend we got married... I wanted her to have a sweet little sound as she worked in her garden...

This is her little garden where she grows tomatoes (those have all since been harvested, obviously), lettuce, herbs, green beans, squash, radishes, potatoes and many other veggies.  Such a productive little garden!

Congrats Mom!  Can't wait to be in your garden to sit on the glider and enjoy the beauty firsthand! 


Marilynn's Place...

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I decided to try a new place for lunch.  And boy were we in for a treat!

Just as the sign reads... this place is a sure winner and I'm so glad that the chef, Robert Baucum has come to Shreveport and shared with our humble city, his culinary expertise.

After Katrina, Chef Baucum moved back to his native Shreveport with a goal in mind of bringing a little bit of his New Orleans way of life, and passion for food, to this town.  He wanted a hole in the wall location to redo, and when an old gas station came up for sale in Broadmoor, he knew it was for him.

View from inside Marilynn's Place... which shows you the outdoor porch!

The menu has a wonderful selection of Cajun creations.  I've heard from many people that this is the best poboy in town.  View the menu on their facebook page here.  You won't believe all the amazing food they serve.
We ordered the half (yes, this is a half).  I got the Cochon de Lait (pulled pork with an amazing fresh pinneaple pepper salsa on top) and Stephen got the WEJ - William Edward Joyce, which is a curried fried catfish poboy.

WEJ - The William Edward Joyce Poboy at Marilynn's

Stephen has this look he gives me if something he's eating is really good.  His face says "Oh man, that is gooooood".  I got that look at Marilynn's.  I can't explain it.  Here's the visual.

My poboy was great.  I couldn't eat half of it though.  It was huge!

As soon as we were finishing up, I saw two other people around us with different selections, so I snapped a few pics of their food. 

This is their hamburger poboy... the full size!

Shrimp Remoulade Poboy

How hilarious is this guy?  He loved that I was taking his picture.

Fried shrimp poboy

As we were cleaning up and rolling towards the door, Chef Baucum told us to sit back down, as we weren't done.

Huh?  And then I saw these comin towards us.  Que the angels singing.

Oh yes, those are Beignets.

This is my look of happiness.  The "Hurry and take my picture so I can keep eating this delightful little thing"

Beignets.  Will you marry me?

And then... wait for it.  Oh yes.  He asked us if we had room for more.

(Just to catch you up.  We had finished off the beignets) (just thought you should know how miserable I was at that moment.) (and I forgot to mention we had sweet potato fries with our poboy) (they were delish...)

Room for more?  SURE!

And this walked towards us.

Inside Out Chicken Enchilada.  Yum.

This isn't even on their menu.  He's trying it out.  It was fantastic.  Amazing chicken stuffed with all the contents of an enchilada.  Roasted cherry tomatoes, everything topped with a basil cream sauce.  Oh the goodness.

This place is a great addition to our sweet Shreveport.  It currently has no sign, which I think adds to the greatness of it (I like secret hole in the walls) but word on the street is a new sign will be going up soon. 

Definitely check them out soon, and check out their patio.  Once the weather is nice, I imagine this place will be PACKED as this town has a shortage of outdoor eating space.  They even have garage doors that can open and the entire place will be like an outdoor patio!  Love it!

They also have flat screen TV's so you won't miss the latest football score if you head over there on a Saturday.  Thought I would throw that in for all you girls who want to convince your significant other that it's ok to leave the house on Saturday for an hour or so.

Find them on Fern, across from First Baptist Shreveport, next to El Chico... in an old gas station... with a "Grand Opening" green sign.  You will have found your new favorite spot in Shreveport.