Fun Food for the Fourth...

I have a love affair with food.  We have the Food Network on at home at all times (if So You Think You Can Dance is not on... which Stephen does not LOVE as much as I do.  I don't understand.)  We love Chopped and we think a party where we compete against friends and make dinner with secret ingredients would be so much fun.  We love Giada, especially when she says words with an Italian accent... and plus... I feel as though I'm part Italian as I could eat pasta or pizza for every meal.

Needless to say, the Bakers like to Bake AND Cook AND Eat.  We do have cheater nights when we make our Hormel Roast Beef au Jus.  Microwave for 4 minutes and it's awesome.  Don't judge.  We had one last night with grilled veggies (and by grilled... I mean grilled on the panini maker.  It's too hot to go outside.)

So, since we love food so much, all I can think about are the fun themed things I can make this weekend due to the Fourth.  I get to put flags on things and stars everywhere and no one will think less of me. 

I thought I'd come up with a sample menu for an entire day, centered around the Fourth.  Mainly because I might need a menu.  Helpy me to Helpy you.

I would start off the day with Patriotic Pancakes or Waffles!  Nothing says Good Morning AMERICA like a thick, slightly crispy waffle, with butter, chopped strawberries, blueberries, a little powdered sugar and some fresh syrup.  With Bacon.  And OJ.  Completely balanced meal if you ask me.


As many of us will be eating outside, on a boat, at a picnic, or me, where it's nice and air conditioned indoors, we'll want something light so we can chow down on something grilled for dinner.  How about a cold pasta salad or a fresh summery tomato/mozz/basil ciabatta?



Snacks... pre- dinner:

I found this really fun idea that would be fun to put out mid afternoon as a light (and healthy) snack.  Plus, if you had some red, white and blue drink holders, you'd be good to go.

Serve with a big bowl of ranch dip.  How cute are those mini carrots?  I bet they are found at Whole Foods... which Shreveport does not have.  Sad.  I'll check my local Brookshires.  And cross my fingers.


What is more American than a hot dog?  What about a twist on a hot dog... and serve pulled pork on a hot dog bun? You could have it cooking all day and make the house smell SO GOOD! 


I could go crazy on this one but I'll try to keep it to 2 ideas...

For the kids: (who am I kidding... I would love one of these)

And I HAVE to post an apple pie... as it just screams America!  (serve with Blue Bell Vanilla Bean.  The best ice cream on the planet.)  The stick a flag toothpick in the center.  Do it.

I would love to know what fun things you plan on making this weekend!  Tomorrow... I'll show some fun crafts for making your house look extra patriotic.



Prepping for the Fourth...

I thought I'd spend the rest of the week on one of my favorite holidays.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Today, I thought I would share some fun entertaining ideas for the Fourth.  All very simple and easy to put together.  I like holiday decor that is inexpensive to make, or use things that we should already have around the house. 

I found all of these fun ideas on the Good Housekeeping website... they have some great (and simple) ideas! 

Check this out.  The wreath... mini toothpick flags (like the ones you put in cupcakes) stuck in a foam wreath.  So simple!  This would be a great project for kids too.  There's no right or wrong way to put the flags on the wreath as long as it's covered!  I would imagine this would take a few bags of flags to make it look really full.

How cheap is crepe paper?  Cheap.  This is such a cute, simple and cheap idea.  Simply weave crepe paper on top of a white table cloth and you're done!  I also love the simple jars with candles.  I sometimes think that the less you can put on a table, the better, as it facilitates better conversation if you're not blocked by a huge centerpiece.  (this said by the girl who used gigantic lanterns at her wedding).  I know.  But sometimes outdoor occasions call for simple and relaxed.

Again, something so simple.  I bet you could find this vase at the Dollar Tree, ribbon at Hobby Lobby, Hydrangeas at your local market (or backyard if you're so lucky...).  Love it.

I pulled this picture for my mom.  I think she (I know she) could do this with some of her fresh cut hydrangeas.  The little sacks would be cute out of any red and white fabric, or even burlap sacks (I know we have some of those available... maybe from someones wedding stash of decor).  This is the perfect time to drag out the ol' red wagon too.  Would be cute to serve out of too... or use to house an arrangemet in a galvanized tub.

Patriotic cupcakes! Again, an easy way to bring the kids into the kitchen to have them help ice the cupcakes and top with berries.  I don't normally like the silver cupcake liners, but in this case, they are perfect and very cute.  I also love the herringbone strip of fabric used on the table in place of a runner.  Darling!

I hope you're excited for the Fourth now!  Tomorrow I'll find some fun ideas for food... that way we can all get our grocery lists together for the weekend.  If you are making something fun that you'd like to share, let me know and I'll post it! 



Estate Sale to remember...

Saturday.  Was.  So.  Great.

We got up rather early... for us.  I had told Stephen that there was an estate sale I had heard about, that we HAD to go to before we started working on the house.

So he was sweet... and took me.

We started here, so he would have his estate sale shopping energy.

The estate sale was in a house that was to be torn down, in a beautiful neighborhood in Shreveport.  We walked in, and it was like stepping back to the 1960's.  Check out the front door.

I LOVE the wallpaper.  I LOVE the door.  I LOVE the window above the door. 

This was the formal dining room.  Amazing floor to ceiling window treatments with green embroidery on each panel.  Robins egg blue walls.  Gold mirror and the most amazing chandelier (no picture... but it's in my mind still)

This wallpaper was in the kitchen.  Just on one wall.  So awesome.

  One of the bathrooms.  Again, Love the wallpaper.

Loved it so much that when I saw another girl tear some off the wall.  I did the same.  (Explaining that one to Stephen was fun.  "What are you going to do with that?"  Duh... frame it.)

Looking from bathroom into one of the bathrooms.  Pink Walls.  Yes.

I'm kicking myself for not asking if I can buy these.  Of course I could have.  If I could tear wallpaper off the walls, I could have had these.  I know I know.  I'm stupid.

This lady loved wallpaper.  And I love her.  Whoever she was.

Pink Bamboo wallpaper.  Yes please.

And then Stephen spotted this.  Our china. 

Yes, we put a bid on it and won!  We're so excited to have 4 vintage mottahedeh cup and saucers.  Done and Done.

Stephen found a TON of records that are in MINT condition.  I've never seen records of this age in this good of condition.  And I won't even tell you how great of a deal they were.  Deal with a capital D.

We found the most gorgeous artwork, right as we walked in.  We went into our estate sale mode.  I went and got a pen.   Stephen stood by the art.  I marked it sold.  We were both dying that we got it.  There were a ton of people wanting it... they just don't know the "mark sold" and move on... move.

So after we finished the sale... which we got a ton of fun finds... we headed out to our car basically skipping (me, not Stephen). 

One problem.

The art didn't fit in the volvo. 

So we started making calls.  I was distracted by the neighbors house we were in front of.  Doesn't it scream Louisiana?  I love it.

Kevin, my manager came to the rescue.  Luckily, Shreveport isn't very big... so he came and rescued us in his SUV.  Stephen and I have both decided we need to buy one.  For all my estate sale finds.

All in all, it was a great day.  We had the best time finding fun things at the estate sale and working around the house.  I was so inspired by the decor at the estate sale that I wanted to go home and wallpaper every wall.

But since all we do is REMOVE wallpaper from our house... I decided Stephen wouldn't go for that.  But gosh, I could really use some pink bamboo wallpaper somewhere.  Seriously.



Jacob Davis... Live from Shreveport

Last night, we went to see Stephen's cousin open for the Randy Rogers Band here in Shreveport.  He was so great!  (PS - This is the same cousin who played at our wedding... father daughter dance... so fun!)

Jacob Davis, remember us when you're famous.  That's all I'm askin.

Pretty Aunt Lou and handsome Mr. Terry...

Randy Rogers band's guitar case... I liked the lights.  Very cool.

Jen Jen was so proud of her brother...

Pretty Jentry...

Best picture of the night...


The French Debate...

Let me start with something unrelated.

Have you seen the new show coming out on TLC centered around bringing soldiers home and surprising their families?  The commercial needs to stop, as I cry as soon as it comes on.  Only problem, is that Billy Ray Cyrus is a host.  Not who I would have picked.  I still cry though.  I'm watching a marathon of 19 kids and Counting (Love that show..) and they've shown that commercial so many times I've had to get up and get some kleenex.  Ugh.

Ok, back to my current French debate.

What kind of French chair should I get to go beside our fireplace?  (The kind I find on craigslist I hope...I wish I could fill my house with finds on Criagslist.)

Option 1:

via The Bella Cottage 

Option 2: Petite cane back chairs-
via Maple and Magnolia  (check out this blog... yet another reason for me to want to move to Canada.  Why are people there so cool?)

Option 3: (My favorite... looks so comfy!)

via Craigslit.  There's only one.  Should I go for it?  It's perfect.  Ugghhh.
I'm searching for a bargain (of course).  I just can't spend $400 for a chair that will more than likely just sit there looking pretty.  Plus... I have so much fun searching for a find. 

I have readers all over the country.  Don't worry.  I'm searching your local Craigslist too.  If I find the perfect chairs, you might just get a call from me.  I'll shop for you... just let me know what you're looking for! 

PS - I'm redoing our fireplace this weekend.  Here's the before:

Ignore the half done paint job.  We're finishing that this weekend too.
Can't wait to show an AFTER picture.  Those are my favorite. 

We finally got some rain in Shreveport.  Thank goodness!  If you're wondering how humid it is here... it's about 200% humidity.  My hair looks awesome.