Life as a Baker...

Where do I start?

Well, first of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Sarah Baker.  I am a wife now.  I can't believe it!

Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

I've now been a Baker for 13 days.  Life is wonderful. 

So, let me catch you up!  I have so much to blog, I'm going to be doing daily posts on every fun filled detail of becoming a Baker.  From the invitations to our wedding, to our honeymoon.  And everything in between.

So here are some teasers while I get everything organized. 

You wouldn't believe how many people sacrificed their time, money and sleep to help get our wedding together...

Morning of the wedding... assembling pies for the reception.  We did pies instead of a grooms cake.  Stephen loves Pie ;)
 I was so blessed to have the most amazing bridesmaids luncheon.  I love being surrounded by all my favorite women at one time!  I love these girls!

All my beautiful bridesmaids minus one (Sophia).  Mary-Katherine, Kaelee, Andrea, Lauren, Emmy, Sarah, Amanda and Sasha.  Love them so much!

We had such a fun rehearsal dinner.  We started off at the church:

And then went to the Tulsa Drillers Baseball game, where we had a reserved Tiki Deck overlooking third base.  Weather was perfect and so much fun!

Stephen, Sophia, Philip and me at the rehearsal dinner.  So glad they were able to make it!
The next day went so fast.  I can't wait to show you the professional pictures of the lodge.  Uncle Ron did an amazing job capturing everything you're seeing now of the wedding.  I'm so thankful to have him.

We finished the ceremony, que Dad's double fist pump signifying "2 weddings, done"
I love the look on everyone's face...
We then went to the reception... where we Celebrated!

Joe was not hired.  But he was our guest of honor.  Weddings just aren't complete without Sum Ching Wow.

We had cake...

Wedding cake, chocolate cupcakes, pies and tarts. Oh my! We love sweets.

We danced...

Should of been a cowboy!

Gosh he's cute.

We then had to leave.  Which was sad, yet I was so happy to start our honeymoon!  We were in the car at 10:25.  How nice is that?

Notice I already have my seatbelt on.  Safety first.
I'll post more about everything including our honeymoon to California.  We had the best time! 

I'm still getting used to saying "Sarah Baker" but its so fun to say.  I do love it.  As I think about my handsome groom and the fun times we have had since the moment I met Mr. Stephen Baker.

I'm loving every second.

More to come!



This month...

This month...

I am getting married...

I am going to walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress, towards my handsome groom...

I am going to have a name change this month and have a WHOLE new monogram...

We get to see so many people we love and get to celebrate together!  So many people have played a role in planning for this wedding, I can't even begin to list out everyone.  I can't wait to have the finished product and thank everyone who was involved!

I am going on vacation to California, staying here... with my husband...

I am going to eat good food

We will get massages... and relax since the wedding planning is over...

We will celebrate one of my best friends' wedding at the end of the month...

Congrats Sarah and Will!

And I will finally get to be married... and start making our home... and enjoy life as a wife!

I'm loving April!  Best month EVER!