Tile LOVE...

I have a fun new project...

Our hall bathroom has this horrible blue "tile" (it's not tile, it's basically plastic), and we decided to see what was under it so we could re-tile with some white or marble.  Well, SURPRISE!  We are the proud owners of a very fun, vintage floral honeycomb tile floor!  Why you would EVER cover this up, is beyond us.  So neat.  And the green color is so unique.  I can't wait to see what we can do with this.

If you have any suggestions on how to remove glue from vintage tile without damaging the tile, PLEASE let me know.

I'm so excited, I'm jumping with joy!  On vintage tile!



Shreveport Shower

About 2 weeks ago, we had our Shreveport Shower, and my parents came in town.  It was a really fun weekend!

We started off by taking my parents to Guiseppes and the Symphony. 

The shower was at Vangie Larkin's home, which was gorgeous!

So many of Stephen's family came to celebrate, and it was such a fun time together!

We are so blessed by all the sweet friends and family that came to celebrate with us.  Thank you to all who came!



Finds and Things...

I love Saturdays.  I love antique malls with so much stuff you have to walk sideways at one point, just to get through an aisle.  The best ones require hopping over something.  Those are my favorite.

This last weekend, I went to this cool antique store in Shreveport, and they have thousands of records.  The picture above is of 45's, which I think would be so perfect to use for a wedding or dinner party or birthday party.  (I know.  Random.  But since all I've done for the last 2 years is plan or help plan weddings... I'm a little obsessed with finding things that can be bought in bulk, that are vintage and that are different from the norm.  Records fall into those categories!)

45's are the perfect size and the labels are all different.  Think about how cute they would be on top of a plate at a dinner party.  You could pick ones that have fun song titles.  For Valentines, you could pick records that have LOVE in the title.  Christmas ones for the holidays.  You get the drift.  Ohhh, wouldn't it be fun if you had a player for these and then while you ate, you played the records?  Or if you had "guess that song title?  Limitless ideas I tell you.

I just really liked them and I'd love to use them for something.  Adding any sort of a vintage touch to a dinner party or event makes for great conversation and gives the party a whole new feel.  I'll try to incorporate these at some point and blog about it!  I don't think these records are going anywhere... and bonus.... the guy said once a month they get rid of a ton because they just don't have room.  I smell a bargain!

Here are some other fun things I found while I was out:
I love these original apothecary jars.  The labels are great and they are much better than the reproduced ones you find out.  This set of four was $100.  Kind of high if you ask me, but if you had the perfect use for them, they might just be the cure to your decorating woes!  (sorry.  I love cheese)
I found this cake cover that is fabulous.  It covers on top of a glass plate and it has to be straight out of the 50's.  I love it.  Would be darling on a wedding cake table or dessert table.

Ok, this is just a funny.  Growing up, for some reason, my parents had a blow up Gumby.  We would put him out during garage sales and other fun times.  I saw this at the antique store and laughed to myself.  Wish we still had a 6 ft tall gumby.  Would make for a fun party prop.  You can't help but smile when you see that silly green face.  What was the point of that show anyway?

Those are my fun finds this week.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  Iphone pics ;)



A few fun things...

I don't have a theme to this post.  Just silly things really.
The weather here in Shreveport has been so nice.  I went on a nature walk by myself this week in our neighborhood and took some shots with my new camera.  I LOVE this flowering bush.  I love the color!


Had a great time going to listen to Jacob play before he moved to Nashville.  I love that ap on Stephen's phone.  Hipstomatic.  Makes for some fun pictures ;)

 Stephen and I were pictured in the Shreveport Times with Chancellor Robert Barish and his sweet wife Jenny.  We had attended an Oscar Watch party at the Robinson Film Center. It was a really fun night.  The Robinson is an amazing asset to Shreveport.  It's a great place to watch independent films that towns of our size don't normally get to see.  I call those movies "beautiful movies".  (Shout out Shannon)
  I love Stephen's glasses, btw.  He's so cute.  I love him.  I think I'll marry him.

And this pic I just love... My sister took it of me before my shower... with my wedding bouquet.  I can't wait to walk down the aisle with it!

It's been a fun month ;)  More to come tomorrow!



27 days and counting...

It's been so long since I've blogged!  So much has happened in the last month.  Showers, Symphony, Silly dates... and I only have 27 days until we get married!  I'm ready for the wedding nightmares to end.

So this is a catch up post ;)  One of many...
Tulsa Shower
I had the most wonderful Tulsa Shower with so many sweet women from First Baptist, college, work, and most importantly, the women from my family. 

Sharon Sharon Sharon...

I love this picture of Cindy.  I can hear her laugh!  I love it!

THE Mrs. Hopper.  Who poured into me when I was 5 and 6 as my first grade sunday school teacher.  I thank her for demonstrating the Christian life to me, as such a young girl.

My wonderful hostesses gave us our big Le Creuset!  We're so excited to use it!

The most wonderful and beautiful girls from BOK.  LOVE them.

Sweet women from FBC.  Truly wonderful.

The most important women in the room... the reasons I'm alive!  I know,  I am a color copy of my mother.

My gorgeous sister ;)

I'll work on more posts about my last month, but I'll break it up so I can show lots of pictures in each one!