A Very Musical Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone! I have much to catch you up on!  First of all... it was a very fun Christmas ;)

Stephen gave me the most special gift. 

My very own Cello.  He found a local music shop that will rent this cello to me and eventually, I can own it.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

I haven't played since High School and ever since, I've been dying to take it back up.  I think the Cello is one of the most soothing, beautiful musical instruments ever created.  I'm so excited to get reacquainted with this old friend.  To get to know her sound and admire her beauty.

And as I play, I will look down and see the heart on the bridge... which I've always found so beautiful. 

I love that this little piece of wood, influences the sound which the cello will eventually put out.  The bridge you see above, on my cello, has a french bridge, which allows my cello to have a bright sounding tone.  I love that.

I love the heart on the bridge. Since the bridge is the "heart" of the cello, I find it very appropriate.  But I also think of something else when I see the heart.

I will know that this cello was given to me because my husband loves me so much. He is the most proud, loving, generous husband who longs for his wife to make beautiful music in our home.

Someday I'll be able to fill our home with music and I can't wait for that day. 

We've already decided we will hold a recital with other friends that play musical instruments. 

And we'll serve cookies and punch and invite parents. Won't that be fun?

It's going to be a fun year getting reacquainted to such a wonderful old friend, who I've missed dearly since high school.

Hello again, dear old friend.  Welcome to the Baker family!


Candace said...

Ooooo... how fun! And pretty.

When Jack gets around to those banjo lessons, he's in on the recital.

Fun, fun, fun. :)

Hope you had a great Christmas, Bakers! Looking forward to catching up!

Nora Greer said...

She's a beauty! I have no musical talents but would love to be an audience member at the recital!

Bethany said...

I am also sadly lacking in musical skills, but Aidan could join you and I am always eager to make some cookies! Josh plays a mean saxophone, too!

Rendi said...

Josh would love to join you on the sax! Congrats on the cello! Josh has found great joy in the recent months playing his saxophone!