Inexpensive ideas for entertaining at Christmas...

This is what we call a random blog post.  Random ideas for entertaining over the next few weeks... you entertainers you.  And all are really affordable.

Alright.  I bought my first LIVE (as in it, it drops lots of needles), garland.  You should have seen me putting it on our mantle.  Stephen had lots of vacuuming to do after I was done.  (PS- It was only $12 at Lowes!)

Point is:  I have some extra little sprigs of garland.  What's a girl to do?    Make a fun arrangement like this one!  And it's so easy and super inexpensive.  Makes a great statement too.

via Southern Living

Ok, I also love this next idea because I have some boxwoods that need to be trimmed!  I won't feel so bad trimming them as I will re-purpose those little sweet branches into napkin rings for our Christmas Eve dinner with Stephen's family.  I'm always up for not spending money on little things like napkin rings, if you can get them for free out of your front yard.  Also in our front yard?  Pine cones.  Spray paint 'em and call it a day.

via Southern Living

Ok, we've already talked about my burlap obsession.  This next idea takes all of my favorite things and puts them into one.  Burlap, Tartan, Feathers and ribbon.  Chair covers at their finest!  Maybe I can do this without the sewing machine.  (Think of changing out the ribbon and fabric for different seasons and keeping the burlap ready for whenever you have company over!)

I love the little slits made on the bottom to make a ruffle.  So darling!

via Southern Living
 Wouldn't this be a cute idea to give to guests as they leave a party?  Premade cookie dough wrapped up with the recipe on the outside?  Print on really large paper and wrap around frozen logs of your favorite cookie.  Done.
via Southern Living

This last idea is what I'd like to do on our front porch.  I REALLY want to spray paint one of our porch pots white and fill it with $5 poinsettias from Lowes.  They had millions. I also love lanterns and filling one with extra Christmas balls is such a good idea.  I have a ton that didn't get used this year (which is what happens when two tree's become one) so maybe I can re-purpose them as decor outside.

Via Centsational Girl
Happy Friday everyone!