Gift Wrapping with Burlap...

It's that time girls and boys.  Time to wrap Christmas presents. 

This station makes me want to wrap presents 24/7:

via Country Living
But, since I don't have such a set up...I will be wrapping our gifts on our dining room table. And that's just fine with me.

This ribbon around a paper towel holder idea...Yes!  I can do that.  I do love ribbon.  And I have lots of ribbon in a box that needs organizing.  This is much better.

Via Country Living
And maybe this gift station will go on sale and this can come home with me.  Gift wrapping all wrapped up in one little organizer that fits under the bed! And becomes a table!  Love it. 

Via Container Store
But now, on to what I'm loving right now for packages.  Burlap.

 And using vintage lace as the bow!  I love this look!
I love the combination of the burlap and satin bow.  All I need is for my mom to come to Shreveport and make all my bows for me. I'm not the best at bows.

Via Southern Living
I have a ton of burlap leftover from last year (make-do tree skirt) so I'm thinking these can be a really cute addition under the tree!  Great for little gifts to neighbors or friends.  Full of baked goods wrapped in a bakery bag or even for wrapping sachets.  Possibilities are endless.  (Not sure where to find the darling berries and star of Bethlahem flowers.)

I do think this little bag will requiring sewing.  (I can do it, I can do it, I can do it)...

Via Southern Living
Now, to figure out what everyone is going to get from the Bakers.  Now that I have the most important detail ironed out, I guess I can move on to what goes inside the burlap wrapped boxes and bags!