DIY Christmas Presents...

I really love the idea of making gifts.  I don't do it often, but I'd LIKE to.  In a perfect world.

Speaking of perfect, I went on to Martha's site to see what her ideas were on cute DIY gifts.  She had over 70 ideas just for girl gifts, but many were not that impressive to be honest.  Some DIY projects were just meant to be purchased.  If you ask me.

BUT, here are some fun gifts I did like, that might actually happen some day.  Maybe even this year!

DIY Silk scarf purse.  Yes.

What I loved about this is that I have about 10 vintage silk scarves just WAITING to be used.  I'm not sure how sturdy this bag would be, but if I made it small, it could be a fun little evening bag. 
DIY Leather card case.  To replace the one I  had stolen once.  (It's a sad story)

According to her website, this is a very simple project.  Pretty cute if you ask me, and who doesn't love a little business card case, or a case to hold all of your Christmas gift cards?
Personalized slippers.  I love monograms.

This project makes me want to purchase a pair of cheap fuzzy slippers and stitch on my new initials!  How much fun is that?  You could get really creative with this project, and not spend a lot of money.  I think personalized gifts are so special.
I love candles.

I've always wanted to make my own candles (not sure how to make the scents I like so much from my Anthropologie candles, but I'm sure gonna try).  You know how much I love estate sales and antique malls.  I see so many cute tea cups that just need a home.  If I bought one here and there, I could make some pretty cute candles!  And I'm imagine it's pretty simple, but I really have no idea since I've never made a candle.
Ok, this one is pretty advanced as it requires a sewing machine.  And leather.  And a leather needle.  And finding a binder spine.  But still.  How much fun?  Watch out Kate Spade, I'll  make my own fun colored planner this year.

I really want to make one, as I'm the girl who still uses a planner, and not my iphone calendar.  (Can't do it.  I love crossing things off too much).  If anyone is brave enough to try this project, let me know.  You might just give me the confidence to try it.

Good luck with your DIY gifts!  Or as I like to call them, "OOAK" gifts (One of a kind)  Let me know which ones you find that you're going to try! 


Sasha said...

I LOVE those button slippers! Remember the button mirrors . . . those made me a pro button maker!
I have all of my shopping wrapped up or those would be in the works. A great reason for me to get re-aquainted with my monogram machine!
Where were those when we were getting married?! What a cute bridesmaid gift - monogram button slippers. Love.

Amanda made lovely candles like those shown on your post. Hobby Lobby and Michaels have 1/2 off often on those supplies. She used department store perfume samples and it worked!

Nora Greer said...

Do you sew?! It's a skill I very much want to learn!