The Civil Wars...

I love discovering new music.  It's like getting to know a new friend... one that is super talented and can sing to you (or with you, in my case.)  I love to sing along.  Even though I'm horrible.

I love finding different artists, that aren't popular yet, that no one has heard of.  I love alto's, mainly because I can sing along with better ease.  I love harmonies, I love girl/guy duo's.  I love acoustic, slow, quirky music.

So when Stephen emailed me yesterday and said he was making a "mix" CD for our upcoming road trip, I told him to find some new music for us to listen to.  (Another great thing about him?  He loves music more than I do... and LOVES finding me new bands.  It's perfect)

Yesterday he came home and put on some new music for me (thank you all who purchased itunes gift cards for my husband.  If you ever questioned buying an itunes gift, that he may not like getting a gift card, let me just say he uses them, and he's already spent all three gift cards he received this year.  Thank you.)

So, the first group he puts on is a group by the name of The Civil Wars.  Have you heard of them?  I hadn't.  I loved them.  His comment was, "They are like Lady Antebellum without the third guy..." and he's right, but much more folkier(if that's a word) than Lady A.  Very mellow, indie, folk...I  Love It.

Meet Joy Williams and John Paul White.

Listen to them... I think you'll love them.

Here's the crazy part.  I went to research them (so I can get to know my new friends...) and I found out I already own Joy's music.  Way back in 2005, I bought her album...

Her Genesis album from 2005

Now, I don't know if you have ever heard of Joy Williams on the Christian circuit, but she is/was one of my favorite voices and songwriters.  It's her!  She's reappeared!  My friend had disappeared and now she's back, dyed her hair black and singing in a duo.  Welcome back friend!  I love this new look you've got goin...

I love getting reconnected. 

She's been busy, writing songs with Trent Dabbs, which were made famous on Grey's Anatomy... and starting her own record company with her husband, called Sensibility Music.  Oh, and putting her solo career on hold to be in this duo with John Paul White.

Here's her song with Trent Dabbs.  Really good.

Anyway, I've found some new friends and thought you would love them too.  I want to share them with you... so jump on board, because I have a feeling they will be around for a while and should be getting some awards here soon.  They're up for two Grammy's this year. 

You know who Joy and John Paul remind me of?  A present day June and Johnny. 



Shannon said...

Sarah, same thing happened with my mom. She had this Joy Williams piano book on her piano for years (my sis sings in church sometimes) and always had listened to Christian radio. The dark hair makes her look so different, we failed to realize it was the same person! :)

The Powers That Be said...

Sarah - I discovered the Civil Wars on iTunes a few months ago, and LOVE them! I ditto your sentiments re: finding new music and I would listen to their songs on repeat for several weeks (to learn the lyrics, don't you know?). Great post!

Nora Greer said...

Love me some good tunes but I'm usually pretty bad about finding them. Keep me informed! I will go check all these fine folks out =)