Christmas with the Bakers...

Christmas Eve was a wonderful night with Stephen's family, which started at our church, First Baptist Shreveport.

Stephen was one of the readers between the hymns that we sang.  Such a wonderful service complete with an amazing organist and cellist.  I was in heaven.

After that, we went back to the house for supper.  Although it was raining quite hard, we all made it in to dry off by the fire battery lit candles in our fireplace. 

I'm never taking my tree down.  I love it so much.

On to dinner.  This was a first for us.  A 6 course Christmas Eve dinner, for 9 adults... and boy was it fun to do!

I loved setting the table.  I found some vintage china that my mother had given me, and paired it with our everyday white dishes.  The table was made complete with a tartan runner made by my mom, and a centerpiece from Target's clearance section.  I added some fresh cut greenery too... because I love it!

First course:  Mixed herb greens with candied pecans, dried cranberries, sliced green apples and crumbled goat cheese.  We dressed it with a simple homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Second course:  Roasted red bell pepper soup with crustinis

(we didn't have enough soup bowls, so we just used some fun coffee glasses we had. Worked out perfect!)

Third course:  Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Boursin cheese and chopped pecans, drizzled with jalapeno jelly and soy sauce glaze.

Fourth course:  Smoked brisket, orange, honey and rosemary glazed carrots, and a potato gratin with rosemary crust.

(not sure how I missed getting a picture of the brisket, but it was gorgeous!  Thank you Mom and Dad Baker for smoking it for us!)

 Mary Katherine did an amazing job on this potato dish.  It was divine!

Fifth course:  Palate cleanser, Raspberry and lemon sorbet.  (thank you Pier One for such cute dishes!  And only $1!)

We made the sorbet in our new (thank you wedding registry) ice cream/sorbet maker.  It was SUPER easy and really fun.

Sixth course:  Dark chocolate dessert cups filled with chocolate pie filling, raspberry sauce and a fresh raspberry.  (this was my favorite since I LOVE chocolate) (and my grandmother's raspberry sauce) (and dessert in general)

At the end of the night, we opened presents and had a really nice time together.  It was nice to sit and enjoy being together, and celebrate being a family.

At the end of the night, after all 9,000 dishes were washed, and everything was put up, I was a little depressed to clean off the dining room table.
Everything was put away.  I didn't like that.  I wanted the table and everything to stay just as it was!  I don't like this season ending.  It's such a wonderful time of the year ;)

But I'm glad all 9,000 dishes are clean.  Whew.


Jennifer said...

Sarah, I had no idea you were so wonderful! What a beautiful table and fabulous dinner.