Safety Saturday in Shreveport {Shreveport Event Photographer}

Last month (I can't believe it's November) I was honored to capture so many fun pictures at the Junior League "Super Safety Saturday" event.  As you can see, it was a huge hit and so many families came out to learn about safety and to meet local firemen, police officers and even sit in a helicopter.

The joy on each child's face was so cute to watch.  They were having the best time!

There was an area to learn bike safety, complete with a helmet fitting too.

A special group from a local Karate school came and showed us some amazing moves...

There were many fun sponsors there giving away prizes to each child who visited their table.  This group was from Pediatric Dental Partners here in Shreveport.  They were giving away toothbrushes and floss.  There were lots of fun sponsors.  Kids walked away with some pretty cool goody bags!

This group is from Think First.. which teach injury prevention.  They are a wonderful non-profit.

These little girls had found so many goodies.  They needed their goody bag to hold it all!
There was a bounce house for the little ones...

My sweet friend Rachael from work with her little boy.  He was having a blast!

Just a fun time for all!

Yay for the Vances!  I was so glad to see them there... in their matching outfits of course... Ben acted all cool around me.  It's his thang.

"Look at all the big trucks!"

This girl was really good at the hulahoop.  I remember when I was good at the hulahoop.

The event would not have been made possible, if it were not for the hard workers from the Junior League of Shreveport/Bossier.

Making trail mix for the kids who stopped by their table.

The Chair of the event, in the middle.  She along with her team worked so hard!  Congratulations, it was a huge success!

Thank you for letting me come be a part of this amazing event!

I would definitely recommend that next year, when you hear about Safety Saturday... you make sure to be there.  It was so much fun.


Candace said...

Very well done, my friend! Impressive! I especially like that perfect blue sky and the helicopter. Funny how I recognize some of these faces, too. Shreveport seems like such a small world sometimes. :)