Pictures and Potatoes...

What a weekend!  We ate, we watched football, we ate, we cooked, we baked, we shopped, we slept, we ate... you get the gist.  It was wonderful and just the break we all needed.

I have so many fun recipes to share over the next week, but I thought I'd start the week off with some fun pics from Friday.  Amy (the mom in the following pictures) is married to Stephen's cousin.  (We actually went to middle school together, don't we live in a small world?)  Her little girls are precious and Lily is ALWAYS up for a photo shoot. 

As you can see.

Could you have more joy than this?

After the photo shoot with Lily... my mom joined us and taught Lily how to pick her own potatoes!

My mom had planted red and purple potatoes, which were SO good, and it was so fun pulling them out of the ground!

We need to get this girl a garden!

And no garden work is done without making a bridal bouquet out of spinach.... Lily said she was like a bride!

We went inside and joined the boys who were watching football, and we played with sweet Georgia, their newest addition.

I love this picture... I think Stephen needs two little girls.  But that's just me.  These girls LOVE their Mr. Stephen.

Flirtin with Stephen.  Hey now.  He's mine ;)

Ok, you're really cute.  You can flirt all you want.

I'm ready for this couple to have one of their own too!  Don't they look cute holding a baby?  I think so.
Such a fun weekend with family and friends.  Can't wait to show you all the pictures of all the food we ate. 

It was insane.

I'm still full.