Jillian and Quinton {Shreveport Engagement Photographer}

This last Sunday was so much fun!  My sweet friend Jillian from work is getting married to her handsome beau, and I had the pleasure of taking their engagement pictures.  Here is a little preview.  Aren't they just the most gorgeous couple?

Her necklace? Really earrings.  I know. Crazy.

Her hair is to.die.for.  I LOVE it.  Your hair is great too Quinton.  ;)  But I must say, your fiance is a knockout.  But I'm sure you know this.

We headed from the park to the top of a parking garage here in Shreveport for some cool views.  We hit it right as the sun was setting.

And we ended up at a bookstore, which was where they had their first date.  It was fun to have them take me around and show me what they talked about on their first date.  Where did they start?  The pet section.  So cute. 

I had a great time with these two (how could I not?) and I'm so excited for them to be planning a wedding and enjoying this fun time together.  It was so clear their love for each other.  Very sweet and very silly.  My favorite thing?  Laughing.  It makes the best pictures.

Congratulations Jillian and Quinton!  I'm so happy for you!


Molly said...

They are GOR-GEOUS!!! Congrats, Jillian and Quinton! What a great job photographing this amazing couple, Sarah!

Three Pink Dots said...

OMG, AWESOME! They are darling, and you did an amazing job!

Nora Greer said...

Those are fab! Really wonderful Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Truly marvelous. Just love love love them and the couple.

JayCee said...

Thanks everyone! Sarah you are amazingly talented. We had a blast. So blessed to have met this beautiful soul. Quinton and I could not be more pleased. Sarah Baker Photography we adore you!!!

Jillian C.

honeybeemama said...

i'm FINALLY catching up on your blog sweet thing! look at you! you are gifted. your photos are perfect and simple - i mean it helps to have perfect people to photograph, but still! LOVING it! so proud of you!