Holiday Bark...

I know this seems a little bit "ahead" but I've been searching for something that is easy, makes a lot and can be given to my neighbors for Christmas.

I'll start by saying that I cannot take credit for this idea.  It's all Barefoot Contessa.  Thank you Ina.

This last weekend, when we went to the LSU watch party, I made a batch of what I'm calling "Holiday Bark" for the sweet couple that hosted the party.

Here's how you make it:

Ingredients are White Bark from the baking aisle, (I used one and a half package, just because I had extra blocks laying around from making oreo balls...) a package of Craisins, Apricots and shelled/salted Pistachios.  Pretzels were on hand just in case but I didn't end up using them.  Next time I think I'll add them for fun.

Also, Ina used walnuts, but I think any nut will do.  The possibilities are endless really.

Step one:  Make sure your hubby doesn't eat all the pistachios.  Check.  Our household LOVES pistachios.

Step two, prepare your pan.  I used a big baking sheet and covered it with wax paper.

I know my hand looks creepy in this picture.  I wanted you to see the pan underneath!
Next, melt your vanilla bark.  (Sidenote:  Barefoot Contessa used white chocolate.  Yes, that would be tastier and fancier, but this girls on a budget.  White bark did juuuuuuust fine.)

Now, melt your bark in the microwave according to the directions on the package.

Pour and spread it out on the baking sheet so it extends to all sides of the sheet.  Make sure it's pretty thin, as it's not as easy to eat when thick.  (Since you're pouring on wax paper, you don't need to spray it or anything.  It will come up just fine when it hardens)

Next, top with your toppings. 

I went ahead and chopped up the dried apricots. 

Voila! Also, make sure the toppings really stick to the bark.  Press them into the bark a little if you need to.

Once it hardens, break it up into nice size pieces and place in a cute little baking box, or cello bag.  You really could package this in so many ways.  This is also a great project to involve kids.  Such an easy, quick treat that makes plenty for holiday gifts. 

Here is Ina's bark:

I think when I make it again, I'm going to make a pretzel layer and that would just take this to a whole other level.  Imagine.  Pour bark over the layer of pretzels, then all these toppings?  Yum!