Golden moments...

"Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such"  - Henry Miller

During our visit to Carmel Valley, California... we took a short drive up the coast, along Highway 1, to Big Sur.  The drive is amazing, breathtaking, heavenly, glorious, and every other word you can think of to describe something that can only be given by our Father.  Truly majestic.  Many golden moments as we took in the beauty of the coast.

The drive is full of steep cliffs overlooking the most amazing, blue water crashing upon the rocks that are the shore.  We stopped to take in this massive bridge along the drive, of which I can not comprehend the dedicated men that used their hands to build it in 1932.

Little windy...
We never expected that when we picked up our rental car (paid with points!) we would be given a brand new (only 11 miles had been driven on it) Suburban.  I'm surprised we didn't arrive home and go straight to the Chevy dealership to buy one.  We loved it.
(All I could think of is all the estate sale finds I would no longer have to turn down due to not fitting in my Volvo.)

We stopped at a great place for lunch, called Nepenthe.  It overlooks the ocean and a gorgeous green valley.

Food was great, view was better.  They even had an awesome gift shop, where we spent some fun time shopping.

Outside the restaurant, I found this succulent arrangement on a wall.  I'd love to make one... I couldn't afford the $295 price tag for this one.  Nor could I have gotten it on the plane.

Yes, it was hanging on a wall and it was gorgeous!  The little succulents were nestled behind the chicken wire and I loved it.  Lets make one. 

I love being able to capture these moments, golden moments, as Stephen and I travel and spend time together.  We have the best time and I love being given such a wonderful friend, and husband, in him.

He even puts up with my silly picture ideas ;)

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."  ~Oscar Wilde

Bernardus Estate Vineyard, Carmel Valley, CA


Candace said...

My favorite is windy pic #3! They're all fantastic, though!!!

Fun fact: Jack and I once camped at Big Sur. He sneezed his head off (allergic to something) while we listened to a campside-wide drum circle til the wee hours of the morning. But man, it was beautiful.

Glad y'all had fun! How could you not? Traveling with your best friend/husband to gorgeous places can't be anything but dreamy. Unless you have pink shampoo explode all up in your suitcase. That would have been bad. But even so, I bet you would have still overcome and still looked absolutely adorable in your polka dots and made the best of it.

You guys are so cute. Seriously.

Michael O'Boyle said...

We just got back from SF and I took a shadow pic of us walking down a hill from the GG Bridge, too funny.