Family Photo Shoot at the Barn...

I love family photo sessions.  Especially when there are sweet little boys involved in matching outfits!

The Vances asked me to take some family pictures for them, which you can imagine how excited I was to take them.

Who could resist these faces?

We had a great time running and playing... and chasing...

Of course, I had to take a picture of these two... just sitting waiting for the boys to participate in our photo shoot.  They're so cute.

Precious... who knew random tires in a field would end up in our photo shoot with all the props we brought?

While Stephen (my lovely assistant) ran around with the boys in a big open field, I grabbed some shots of Pat and Molly. 

But the best part of the day was a final family shot.  I just love them. 

Thank you Vances for letting me capture these sweet little moments! 


B.Teel said...

These are the best pictures! Pat and Molly are such a beautiful couple and those sweet boys...are just darling. The colors are so bright and cheery. Love the pictures.

honeybeemama said...

i am in LOVE with these boys' PANTS!!! where can i get some?!