Family, Fun and Football...

A few weeks ago, we had so much fun going to see Stephen's brother march in the Airline marching band, in Bossier.  He plays trumpet and looks like a pro marching.

It's so much fun going to see a high school play football.  I of course had to go over and grab some shots of him in the stand with his group.

Next to the band, were the spirit squad (not sure what to call them) but they dressed as scary people for Halloween apparently.  Their ratting skills were quite impressive.  I'm thinking Thriller or Zombies was their theme.

I also spotted some potential sock buns in the flag girl section.  Had to get a picture of that. 

And did your band have a crazy cool kid that played electric guitar?  They did.

Paula, Aunt Lou, Mary Katherine, Bob, Stephen and I went to cheer on brother Ryne... it was actually pretty cold here in Shreveport!  It's nice breaking out the coats.

We loved watching him march with the rest of the group, and then went back to the house for warm drinks and cookies.  Perfect evening, with our fun family!

Great job Ryne! We are so proud of you ;)