Cheering on the Tigers...

Saturday was basically Christmas for someone in our household.  Let's just say that for the last two weeks, all I've heard about is the LSU/Alabama game.  We were invited to a watch party with our friends from Sunday School and we had a blast. Stephen even had his new t-shirt on. 

He was like the LSU version of Super Man.

Candace had on her father-in-law's jean jacket from the 60's.  Yes.  I was jealous.

There was a ton of food, including ribs, crawfish chowder, gumbo, dips, guac, and lots of fun sides and desserts.  One thing's for sure, Louisianians know how to eat.  But you already know that.  Moving on.

We moved upstairs to the movie room to watch the game.
It looks as though just the Chaney's were with us, but they just seem to be up for a picture at any time... so that's what happened.  Pictures ;)
Jack and Candace

Here are some of the very sweet, fun girls I've gotten to know and I just love being around them.  Candace, Rendi, Nora, me and Bethany.I'm not sure why the front row squatted as we're all under 5'4.  Rendi is a good bit taller than all of us and we decide to squat?  I don't understand but that's just what short people do I guess.

Some big comfy chairs... some which fit two ;)  They were awesome.

Candace played a pivotal role in the outcome of the game.  I know you don't know this, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that.

She cheered.

She honored the superstitions of the crowd.  Long story.

And she got us the win.  Candace, we thank you.  Stephen thanks you.  Just look at the smile on his precious face...

Geaux Fighting Tigers... high fives all around...

On another note... can we all please talk about the fact that Stephen's team and my team could maybe play in the national championship?  This could be serious.  I'm going to need some serious Orange to wear to that game if so.  We would be a MAJOR HOUSE DIVIDED.

Never in a million years would I have thought that would ever be a possibility.  Wonders never cease...


Nora Greer said...

great night and you captured the fun and excitement wonderfully!

Candace said...

Wild and Wonderful! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bakers! Geaux!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the comments above...love your blog and loving getting to know you and Stephen! --Rendi

the Powers' said...

It was SO great getting to know you and your hubby! You two are a super cute and fun duo. :) Hope to see you again soon!

~Jenn O-P
(aka Jennifer Powers)