The Sock Bun...

I want to take this moment to recognize my sister.

She's the super talented girl one, next to her hubby Tate.  Or Tater-tot as we call him.

This last weekend we had a very fun filled few days of celebrating Tate's sister, Kaelee, and Josh (her hubby!) at their wedding.  Aren't they the cutest?  These pics are from their Sunday brunch after their wedding.  So much fun!

I know.  They're going to make some pretty, tall, athletic, smart babies.  Can't wait for that!

Back to the topic at hand.  The Sock Bun.  Have you heard of it?

Let my sister teach you how to make one.

Step one:  Cut the end off of a sock.  Any sock.  And as Lauren added, pick one close to your hair color.  She used a black and white stripe one for this demo, but normally uses a solid color tan sock.

Step two:  Roll your sock until it resembles a donut. 

I love my mom's face.  She loves demos.

Voila.  Donut.

Step three:  Pull your ponytail up and through your donut.

Step four:  Start rolling the donut with hair wrapped around, constantly folding more hair into the donut as you roll.  Also, make sure you have hair on all sides of donut.  Equal distribution is the key.

Step five:  Keep rolling.

Step six:  Keep rolling.

Step seven:  Turn around and show everyone your bun.  And the crowd went wild.

Tate. I do love the boutonniere.  Festive.

So, now you too can have a sock bun.  I love this look.  So darling.  So easy.  So doing that tomorrow.

Love you sister!

(PS- Let me know if you try this and if your life is changed.  I thought my life was changed by spin pins... but this takes the cake.  Look out brown socks of Stephen.  I have scissors in my hand... who wants to become a donut?)


jennp said...

just tried it...it worked! such a wonderful use for my faded black sock!

matt & bethanne said...

This is so funny. A group of girlfriends and I were watching a youtube tutorial about this just last week! Love it!

Three Pink Dots said...

Loves it!! I will be sharing on my blog this week too, me loves a sock bun. Thanks for the photos sissy!! miss you already.

Alissa said...

I've only done it to curl my hair, but one of these days I'll style my hair in this bun.

Jenna said...

I LOVE this idea! Once my hair grows out, I definitely want to try it out. Very creative and pretty!

Nora Greer said...

I'm so sad I just chopped my hair off! When it grows (please let that be soon!) I am so going to give this a try!

Splendor said...

Im wearing my sock bun right now. Its amazing. Cant wait tomwear it at school on monday. Kids will love mrs black's new hair style :)

kat said...

My hair is thick. And long. So hard to do!

kat said...

If you want a big, messy, sock bun, you have to put the sock close to your head over your elastic. Then you spread your hair out and wrap it around as if you were using no sock and just pins. Then use pins or spin pins to hold it in place. If you like you can add another elastic to hold then ends in! Super cute! I totally just tried that. My own idea.