Sarah Geauxs to Baton Rouge...

This weekend... I went to Tiger Land.

Geaux Tigers!

Our sweet, wonderful friends treated us to tailgating and a game.  This was extra special for me, as I had not been to an LSU game or really ever tailgated before.  Stephen could hardly contain his excitement!  He started playing the fight song along with every other song the band plays in the car... just so I'd be prepared.

We arrived in Baton Rouge late Friday night.  We got up the next morning and left for the game, but had to stop and take pics next to this beauty outside our hotel. 

Oh yes.  Isn't it amazing?

Off we were to tailgate.  So much fun!

Mike the Tiger taking pictures with babies.  I would have been so scared as a child.

Smelled SO good...
These LSU people take tailgating seriously.  Over 100,000 people take part in the eating/drinking/pre-game celebration.  90,000 attend the game while the rest hold down the parties outside with TV's and lots of amazing food.

Yes, that is a trailer with a fridge, flat screen TV and a microwave. 

You know what else is serious at LSU?

Tube skirts.  They were everywhere.  My right arm couldn't pull off a tube skirt.

You know who could pull off a tube skirt?  I give you the Golden Girls.

Yep.  Glorified white bathing suits with sparkle.

And capes.  Basically, these are the best Halloween costumes a girl could ask for.  And they wear them every week in front of millions of people.

We got to see the band up close and personal march past our tailgate... it was so much fun!

Back to what's important.  Our friends who were kind of enough to invite us.  Thank you Amy and David!

We loved spending time with Amy's dad and sister too.  They are all the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Aren't they the cutest?

Their tailgate was so much fun.  Great food (Amy made jambalaya and spinach artichoke dip) and one of their friends brought pulled pork sandwiches with home made slaw.  That's just what I had on my plate. There were more things.  All wonderful things.

Once we got to the game, it really was magical.  On the overhead, inside the stadium, they were playing "Callin' Baton Rouge" which gave all us girls chills.  Everyone sings along with a big smile on their face.

Our seats were great.  Perfect spot to see all that was happening.  Like Golden Girls putting one toe in to pray before the game.  Amy made sure I didn't miss that.  I'm here to document the important details for all of you.  (you're welcome)

Marching Band... I love you.   You make walking, playing wonderful music, while writing out LSU with your bodies... look easy.

Luckily, I had practiced all the cheers on the car ride down to Baton Rouge.  I was ready.

I wanted to take this little girl home with me in her little smocked dress.

Best hat award.

The game (as I'm sure you're aware) was a blow out.  But it didn't make my experience any different.  I loved every second.  I soaked it all in.  I cheered.  I ate a hotdog.  I gave a high five to all those around me when LSU scored.  Because that's just what you do.

Sweet sisters...
Leaving was not fun... but we had the best time.  Walking out of the stadium was sad, but I know we'll be back again!

Amy and David... thank you!  We had the best time, and the best weekend.  It was so fun to be with you.

And thank you for making my husband the happiest husband on the planet.  Geaux Tigers!
Stephen with his souviner cup and program.. and an LSU win.  Couldn't be happier.


Sasha said...

That looks like SO much fun! I love the golden girls! And of course the pimp trailer and all of your pics. Ps - good thing gold & purple is "in" this fall - LSU wins this years award for cutest game day clothes!

Jack said...

Awesome! Glad y'all had fun. I'm jealous. (and also a little miffed that we haven't made the blog yet)

What's up with that?!


Nora Greer said...

Glad you had fun! Just so you know, I kid you not, that limo is owned by my uncle & father! It lives in BR during football season but will re-reside up here in the port after December!

Sarah Baker said...

Oh my goodness that is so great that your dad owns that limo! It's crazy! Stephen was so excited when we walked out of the hotel. All these people were taking pictures in front of it. Awesome. And now that I've actually been to an LSU game, that would be amazing to pull up in. Everyone would be cheering for you!

siddathornton said...

how much fun, sarah! so glad y'all got to go to the game & enjoy it. :)

Sarah G said...

I am so happy you got to experience Tigerland and hang with my family! They absolutely love you both. Super jealous of the fun times, football and fantastic food!! Loved your outfit. Love purple and gold. Geaux Tigers.

DJ said...

I was there too! And we noticed the SAME thing about the tube skirts - they were EVERYWHERE. So glad they weren't in when I was in college... I probably would have tried to wear one. Shudder.

Anonymous said...

Great summation of an LSU experience! It is just that...truly an experience! And when I saw that limo picture, I thought of Nora!! :) NTG, maybe we should have a girls night in that in January! --Rendi