A retreat to the lake...

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I were craving a weekend away.  So we headed south towards his grandparents... where we could unwind, catch up with Granny and PawPaw and maybe have a meal or two.  Wait, who are we kidding... we'd be welllllll fed.  Granny makes sure of it.

Stephen's grandparents live on the lake down in southeast Texas.  They live next to and around many family members, and daily visits for coffee and cake are on the docket.  I would love to have daily chats on my back porch with family and friends.  That just sounds amazing.

We arrived to see the lake had been hit hard by the current drought and hot summer we've had here.  You see the grass below?  That was once water.  All the way half up the loading ramp.

It's sad really.  PawPaw can't even get his boat in the water.  Just June of last year, water was all the way up to the dock.  It's a beautiful place nestled among tall old pine trees, which shade the tranquil lake, home to some of the best bass fishing around.

One thing Stephen and I wanted to do, was cook for Granny and PawPaw.  Granny always goes to so much trouble when she has company, we wanted to give her a break.  Plus, we were making them homemade pizza.  They love pizza.  It was so much fun ;)

Stephen... he loves to chop.

He's a very good chopper.  And everything is always tidy in their little bowls.  I love it.

We made three different pizzas.

First up:  Hawaiian.

Marinara sauce with Canadian bacon, Mandarin oranges and pineapple with mozzarella.

PawPaw called it his peach pizza.  It was hilarious.  "I'd like more of that peach pizza".  PawPaw's are so cute.  They can just about say anything and get away with it.

Next up:  Good 'ol Supreme.  You name it, we put it on there.  Although, I will say sadly that there were mushrooms and olives involved.  I kept to the other pizzas, and let them have alllll they wanted of that one.  It did look the prettiest though.

And last up:  Meat pizza.  Sausage, bacon, pepperoni... it was gooooood.

Granny and PawPaw said we ruined them.  Their regular pizza just wont cut it any more. 

Dinner was great.  I loved being out of the range of computers and cell phones.  We spent time talking and watching base ball.  It was glorious.

The next morning, we got up to Cinnamon rolls, hot links and bacon.  With orange juice.  I love Sunday mornings.  Except Sunday mornings at our house has never involved hot links AND bacon.  I must say, I could get used to this.  What I couldn't get used to is an ever growing waist line.  It's all so good though!

Granny's Fiesta ware.  I love it so much.
 We then headed to church, the most precious church you've ever been to.  I wish I had my camera out to capture the hugs, kisses (yes, there were kisses) and the sweet welcome from their church members.  I can tell why his grandparents love that church.  It is filled to the brim with love and joy. 

After church, we headed back to the house for lunch and naps and baseball.  Stephen's perfect world!

Cutest boys on the planet.
No steak is complete without a baked potato and iced tea.  And no afternoon following a steak is complete without a nap.

It was tough leaving (who would want to leave such a wonderful place?)  We felt rested and energized to take on our week, which is just what we needed.  It's nice going to a place that is a little bit slower, a little bit quieter.  It allows one to get your priorities in line and remember what's important in life.  Your faith... your family and of course... food ;)  

Thank you for such a lovely, relaxing weekend, Granny and PawPaw.  We loved every minute ;)

Their bumper crop of Satsumas. 


Candace said...

Great pics. I especially like the one of Stephen serving up some salad. And Fiestaware, yes. Yes. Yes. And homemade pizza, yum.