Pumpkin Shine...

Last year at this time, I had just moved to Shreveport... just started this little blog... and I was getting to know my new job and had just got engaged.  Life has not slowed down since!

This last week, Stephen and I went with our sweet friends Molly and Pat with their two little boys, to Pumpkin Shine on Line, which is held in the park down the street from our house. 

Thank you sister for our super fun cheese board!  We love using it!

We started the night off with a little picnic in our front yard.  Cheese and crackers, and fruit snacks for the little ones who didn't want to eat their pb&j's.

Then off to the park we went!  I pushed Molly out of the way volunteered to push the stroller.  I thought this would bring joy to my Mother's heart.  The Mother who asks me when I'm giving her a bundle of joy in which she can smock their every outfit for.  Not yet dear Mother.  But you can get a glimpse of me pushing a stroller here.  Maybe the double stroller is a foreshadowing of twins someday.  How fun.  Double smocked goodness.

Will was NOT happy about the stroller situation.  It was not because of my driving skills.  I make fun noises and went fast down the hill.  He just wanted to go back to our fun picnic I decided. 

Once we got to the park, and were greeted by 1,000 families all with 2.5 children... and a million bizillion pumpkins... so you can imagine the chaos.  Molly took over the driving. 

All the displays were great.  Each school in Shreveport has an opportunity to submit a pumpkin, so there were lots of little creative minds that were brought together to make some super fun pumpkin displays!

This one makes me sad... Go Rangers!

I thought this one was super cute for a front porch!
Stephen got a turn with the stroller.  Lookin good honey.

 Meanwhile... Will is still not into the stroller.  Who would want to ride when you can be carried?  And who could resist this precious face?

This one I thought was so funny... Angry Pumpkins ;)

On our way back, Molly had Will duty, and you can tell how much this little one loves his mama.

It was a fun night with sweet friends!  I can't believe October is already come and gone.  What happened to this month?  Well... off to plan for Thanksgiving I guess.  At least this next month brings cooler weather!  I'm just excited to break out the scarves ;)

Happy Monday!


Amy B. said...

Great pictures of the boys! I especially love that last one of Molly and Will. She's a sweet mama. (BTW, I'm Molly's cousin. I read your blog all the time, but I've never commented before!)

honeybeemama said...

ok, i just want to move to shreveport. and i've officially joined the ready-for-sarah-and-stephen-to-have-a-baby-club. i mean, that boy looks good in stroller!