One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was treated to a massage and mani/pedi by my sweet boyfriend.  (weird calling him that now!)

As I got my beauty treatments, my boyfriend was doing this, preparing for the perfect evening in our (now) backyard:

One year ago today, I was treated to a fantastic meal at The Mabry House in Shreveport.

One year ago, we drove to his house to watch a movie.  Silly me.  He had other plans.

I fall more and more in love with this boy every day.  That night, I promised to marry my best friend and to be his for the rest of my life.  Now, we've been married almost 7 months.  Crazy how time flies.

I'm still so happy and I love this life I'm living with you Mr. Stephen Baker.  I'm proud to be your wife and I can not wait to wake up each day to greet what the Lord has planned for us that day.

I love you my husband!


Kaelee said...

I LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love it! And I am glad you blogged on...after that first sentence, I thought he gave you the mani/pedi.... :) --Rendi

Candace said...

Y'all are so dang cute. :) Happy engagement anniversary, Bakers!

Nora Greer said...

I was literally going to say the same thing as Candace! So I'll just say ditto!!