Love for the Lindstroms...

Last month, we spent some time with our sweet friends The Lindstroms.  I don't think they realized when Stephen and I said "We want to come stay with you and never leave" we were serious.  We didn't leave their side for 3 days. 

We started our weekend off with going to watch their son's soccer game.  I cheered.  I took pictures.  I worried when he head butted the ball.  Which I learned was not called head butting.  He corrected me.  Heading.  Either way... I don't like it.

He's pretty good... and I'm not just saying that because I'm like his big sister and I'd be proud of anything he did.  But he was a rockstar.  Look at that footwork.  Amazing.

We then had lunch and headed to his football game.  I know!  Day-O-Sports.  I loved it.  He's the one calling the plays.

Later that night, they made us the most incredible meal. 

First off:  Roasted butternut squash with mushroom ravioli drizzled with a sage butter sauce.  You don't even know how good this was.  Stephen and I proceeded to make it the first night we got back to Shreveport.  The simplest meal, but so amazing.  This was our appetizer.

Then, she served a tenderloin with roasted potatoes, and this tomato dish with sprinkled goat cheese and mint on top.  Again... you don't even know how good this was. 

 The kids made dessert.  Oreo balls.  It's kind of our thing to make together.

They then took my camera around the house and grabbed some pics for me.  They got some great stuff!  I didn't even edit these.  They're naturals.

This next picture is very special to me.  The below bear's name is Bear Bear.  I spent many a night reading to the two children you see above (when they were little) and I also read to Bear Bear.  He's the best listener.

Sophia...is the most creative, artistic little girl I know and she painted this amazing artwork for her room.  One year, I asked that she make me one.  She did and it's amazing.  I'm just waiting for a nursery some day to put it in.  I love the colors, the birds and her amazing choice of patterns.  She's so creative and I don't think she realizes how talented she is! 

We ended our weekend with a 10 minute photo session in their backyard.  This is just a few of my favorites.  I love this family so much.  They have loved me and have taken Stephen in as their own.  I consider them family and I am so glad that they were placed in my life. 

The pugs were less than thrilled that they were asked to be in the photo shoot.

Thank you Lindstroms for having us.  We can't wait to come back... and never leave.