Kaelee and Josh: Part two (Rehearsal Dinner)

Ok, part two folks!  The rehearsal dinner was held at Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks, OK.  This is where Stephen and my wedding reception was, so I'm a little biased, but I think it's the greatest place on earth.  It was so fun to be back there, for the first time since our wedding.  We definitely didn't want to leave as we reminisced about our own special night there. 

But the focus of this post is Kaelee and Josh and their super fun rehearsal dinner.  Such a fun night, which I'm sure you can tell by the pictures.  These are just a sampling... but I thought they were the fun ones ;)

The evening started at First Baptist Church for the actual "rehearsal".  I think it was the quickest I've ever been to!  Great job group!

We then headed out to Jenks for the dinner.  We were greeted by a gorgeous porch overlooking the lake.

Such posers...  (love you sister and Tate!)

Inside the lodge, everyone was greeted with darling tables and the best dessert table.  Pies! Josh LOVES pie... so they had a huge pie selection for dessert.  The best part?  Each pie was made by a woman from the Martin's Sunday school class.  Isn't that the sweetest?

Food was AMAZING... I'm dying for someone else to have an event there, and invite me.  Please.  Their BBQ is the best.  The BEST.

A very happy husband.
At the request of Nicole, from Five Oaks... I took a picture of the rolls.  She told me they were picture worthy and I agree.  They were amazing.  I ate like 25.  Seriously.  I haven't eaten since... I'm still full.

Out came the pies! 

The floor was then open for toasts, which turned a little ugly for Josh.  This is what happens when the room is full of members from the Police department and FBI.  Poor Josh. 

After the more than flattering toasts, we ended the night with dancing, and taking lots of silly pictures.  Such a fun night...  Thank you sweet Martin/Johnson family for making us a part of such a fun evening.

Proof I was there... and apparently without lipstick.  Sorry Mom.


The Boys ;)

Mother of the Bride and Mother of two bridesmaids ;) 

I think this next picture is so sweet.  Such a tender love they have!  

More to come tomorrow! 


Sasha said...

My favorite shots are the "toasts" picture! the red splatterware with the peanuts and the pie buffet! As always a wonderful job by Sarah Baker Photography.