Kaelee and Josh: Part One

Last weekend, we celebrated love, laughter, family and the art of match making.  The following couple was introduced by my family... Kaelee is Lauren's sister-in-law and Josh is a good family friend (at times, big brother) we've known since before time.  As you can see... they were meant to be together.

Gosh, they're so cute together...  How cute is her dress.  I know.

So cute.  So so cute.  Josh... you're welcome.  We're glad that the Teel family could set you two up.

We took some time out during the rehearsal dinner to grab some shots before the sun went down.  I'm so glad we got these shots!

I love this one.  So romantic.

I think this one is my favorite... I love Five Oaks.  I love rocking chairs.  I love Love.

Congrats sweet Kaelee and Big Josh.  You make a precious couple and I'm excited to post the rest of the pics I took from your fabulous wedding weekend ;)  Love ya'll so much!  More to come ;)  Tomorrow:  Bridal luncheon.  It's a Kaelee and Josh week.  Get excited.


Jenna said...

Beautiful pictures and such a beautiful couple !

Candace said...

Beautiful pics and I'm with you- I think that last one is my favorite!!! Is this a new watermark? I love it, too. And I love the Sarah Baker Photography ad we got in our Safety Town bag. :)

Basically, I heart SBP!

Three Pink Dots said...


Sasha said...

The rocking chair shot is amazingly captured here by Sarah Baker Photography. Beautiful!