I love a good craft project...

You would think that by my title, I had actually done a craft project.


But I've found a ton I want to do!  I'll have to hurry though, as Fall is going to FLY by and Christmas will be here before you know it.  I should proably go ahead and start on Easter now.  I seem to be so behind these days!

I found this project on one of the blogs I follow:  Centsational Girl.  This project is Centsational I tell you.

via Centsational Girl

via Centsational Girl

Is that not the cutest tablescape for Fall?  I love her painted pumpkins (which she painted with chalkboard paint and then SANDED them... why didn't I think of that...) and I do love the hanging corn husk pom poms (where do I find corn husks???) 

I also love her name card idea:

via Censational Girl
In the words of Barefoot Contessa "How easy is that?"

So, if you're in search of a fun Fall craft, click any of the links above, as below her post, is a link up party of Fall crafts.

Don't know what a link up party is?

Well, it's wonderful.  It's where anyone who has something to show, can "link" their blog up and show what they have done and share it with the group!  Right now, there are over 300 fun Fall crafts that people have posted.  Just click the picture you like and it will take you to the blog with directions!  Easy Easy!

It's also a great way to find other blogs you may want to stalk and follow.

For instance... I found this one:  Savvy Southern Style (love the name... mom, you would love her blog)

via Savvy Southern Style
And this one:  Cleverly Inspired

via Cleverly Inspired
I think my sister should link up with the link party.  She's posted some darling Fall crafts this week.  Check her out!  Here's a few pics!

via Three Pink Dots

via Three Pink Dots
What a fun idea to cover your pumpkins in panty hose!  Love it!

Anyway, I'll try to not spend all night tonight looking at all the fun Fall projects on the link party on Centsational Girl.  It will be tough.  But I can be strong.


Nora Greer said...

I love me some Censational Girl...been following her for a couple of years now! Those others are new to me but I'll have to add them to my reader! Pinterest is my new addiction!

Candace said...

Why are my comments not posting? :(

Candace said...

Ok. Now that I figured it out, I'll share again (although I guess I just shared with myself) that I am very, very challenged when it comes to crafts. Ugh. But I love the corn husk pom poms and I'll totally let you make some for me. HA!!!! You can find the husks at Brookshires on Line Ave. Saw them this morning. Happy Fall! Got my mums and pumpkins on this morning!

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks sissy! Love all these crafts! Great... now I see more time spent doing things like this instead of laundry and normal things in my future. Thanks.