Double Datin' with friends...

I love going to dinner with my husband.  We laugh, we talk, we dream about all sorts of things that we want to do with our life.  We plan out our backyard remodel... we talk about trips we want to take... we talk about food.  We eat lots of food... it's just a whole lot of fun.

Looks rough, but it's a famous establishment here in Shreveport... and only holds a few tables.  Gotta get there early!

So when we were invited to dinner with our new friends the Chaney's... I was super pumped to go on a double date!  But we didn't talk about our backyard remodel.  Although, I'm sure they would have loved to hear about it.

Jack and Candace.  Aren't they the cutest?  Cakeballs for Candace... since she had a birthday recently.

We met at the famous Herby K's here in Shreveport.  Home to the famous Shrimp Buster, which they flatten shrimp and fry it and put it on poboy bread.  I really don't understand how they get it that flat. 

I got a regular poboy because I'm boring and didn't feel like eating busted shrimp.  But after seeing Stephen's, I think I could have enjoyed it ;)

Candace got a shrimp poboy, which means they were not busted.  Just plain 'ol shrimp.  There looks to be nothin plain about that poboy.  Looked yummy!

After dinner, we met up with another couple, Nora and Jason, to hang out with them for a little bit.  We had the best time and I love getting to know these sweet couples. 

Yes, we are laughing because Stephen took about 15 pictures.  My face says "Please stop with the paparazzi."  I then learned that the settings for my camera were on continuous shooting mode.  Not his fault. 

After that, I decided the boys needed a picture.  Good lean in Jack.  I like it.

I love meeting up with friends and sharing a meal, great fellowship and a lot of laughs.  I know we'll have many more to come!


Nora Greer said...

You caved into Jack's pressure! Jason looks a little frightened by Jack's lean in...he's almost alway smiling =)
We must do it again sometime!

Jack said...

Awesome! You need to make us more cake balls. :)