The Big Year...

Most of you know my bird obsession.  I love to decorate with them, I think they are beautiful with all their different feathers and the chirping of a bird is so relaxing.  I grew up sitting on the back porch of my grandparents house, watching for birds.  I have my Papa Ken's bird book sitting out at home, "Birds of North America."  I will cherish it forever, as I remember him referring to that book as a child.  He would say "See Sarah, do you see his red feathers?  That is a cardinal.  The red ones are the boys.  Now, lets see what else we can spot in our backyard!"

Well, I'm excited to announce a movie about birds.  The Big Year.

Now, you may not associate Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black as characters you would choose for a bird movie... until you see the following trailer.

Can you say hilarious?  I LOVE these three comedians and I just can't believe they are all in one movie.  I also love that it's rated PG, so it can definitely be a fun movie for the family.  (when would these three guys be in a PG movie?)

But, did you know, that I have a personal connection to this film?  Yes.  I know... it's crazy.

You see, this film is based on a book by the same name... a book authored by Mark Obmascik.  It covers the story of three birders on their "Big Year" to chase after the current record of recorning 721 birds.  You'll have to see the movie or read the book to find out if they did it.  ;)

So what's my connection?  Well, one of the birders in the book, and now portrayed in the movie, is my aunts brother.  His name is Greg Miller and his character is played by Jack Black.  How cool is that?


And you can see Greg in the movie too!  Look for his Ohio State University hat.  Good choice Greg, way to wear red so we can all see you!

And, just so you can see the connection... here is my Aunt Ann (Greg's sister), Uncle Andrew and two of their sons, at our rehearsal dinner.  Go Rangers!  (Our rehearsal dinner was at the Tulsa Drillers ballpark.  So much fun and so relaxing!)

Matt, Andrew, Ann and Jon.  Jon... where's your Texas Spirit? 

Greg's blog is pretty great about the wild world of birding... which I previously knew nothing about.  You can read his blog here.  He just saw the movie for the first time and he gives his review as well.

So, I definitely recommend this movie, even without seeing it.  I'm excited to have a light hearted movie for a change, and one with such a fun connection!

Let me know if you go see it and what you think!


GrandMartha Love said...

I've been excited about this movie, too, Sarah, since I read an interview with Jim Parsons(who is also in it), a few months ago & he talked about it. I took ornithology in college & had quite a few bird watching adventure stories from that time (note to self...there's a blog idea!)So glad to know your connection & I'll look for your uncle when I see the movie.

Anonymous said...

I have been telling Josh I can't wait to go see that movie! How fun!! We need to do lunch again soon!