Weekend is here!

Are you as excited that it's Friday as I am? 

I can't stand it.

Here's what's on the list for this weekend:

1.  Go on a date with my Phen and go see a movie.

And there's a bonus.

No, it's not that I get to go to stare at Brad Pitt.  (Have you seen my hubby?  So much cuter than Brad Pitt.  No offense Angelia.  Just being real with you)

Bonus:  I get popcorn AND candy at the movie.  It ends up being dinner.  It's wonderful.

It's the little things in life.

2.  Buy new Fall plants for my flower bed, and hopefully a Fall wreath and a flower box for the front of our house.  Hello Mums... welcome to our home.



When picking out mums, be sure to buy the plants with hardly any color on them yet.  Once they bloom, they are done for a while.  You want the little buds, and no bloom when you plant.  (Thanks mom... I always bought the prettiest ones.  Little did I know)

And what goes good with mums?  Pansies, money wart, coleus... can't wait to plant!

This last pic was from a website that had a good listing of Fall plantings and what to look for. Pretty good.  Check it out.

3.  Attend the Red River Revel in Shreveport... or if you're cool, you just call it The Revel.  I've been told.  And since I want to be cool...

The Revel is the largest outdoor arts festival in Northwest Louisiana.  I've never been.  I'm excited to see the art, hear the music and eat the food.  Weather is supposed to be nice too.  Win, Win, Win.  Camera, check!

4.  I want to buy pumpkins.  At a pumpkin patch.  But I'm afraid I may not find one and I'll settle with going to buy mine at the Walmart.  I'll live I guess.

via Country Living


It's going to be a big weekend, but a fun one.  We're going to work around the house and try to actually finish some of our already started projects.  With football on and the weather so nice, it's hard to work on painting and boring stuff like grouting a tile floor.  Here's to a productive fun filled weekend!  Hope you're doing fun things too!  Let me know what is going on... I'd love to hear!

(Oh, and lets not forget... Go Cowboys and Geaux Tigers... we'll be cheering!)  Does it make us a house divided if we cheer for each others teams?  I just really like the Golden Girls at LSU... I'd like to be one.  Just sayin. It's never too late I guess.

They wear white gloves have have great hair.  So Southern.  Love it!

LSU Golden Girls


GrandMartha Love said...

HI Sarah,
Sounds like you have such a fun weekend planned. Our church (St. Luke's United Methodist on Youree) has a pumpkin patch every year. The pumpkins are due to arrive in a big truck this Sunday. We all wear casual clothes to church, eat a red beans and rice lunch after & then head out to unload the huge truckload of pumpkins. All the profits go to mission projects, so you can feel good about what you spend on your fall decorating! It's a great place to come take pictures, too. You're welcome to come by on Sunday when you see us out there unloading.
Hope to see you in the Patch!
Martha Love